Marketing 101 Simplify Your Message 

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Marketing 101 Simplify Your Message

Consumers are constantly being bombarded with brand messaging, making it easy for them to discount or forget messages that don’t hit the mark. Is your brand getting lost? You have to cut through the noise by simplifying your marketing message.

Don’t think a simplified message is important? Look at these stats: Research shows that brands with simplified messages are 86 percent more likely to be purchased and that people are 115 percent more likely to recommend that brand’s products.

If you cannot sum up your brand’s message in one or two sentences, your message is too cluttered, and you are probably confusing your customers. So, how can you simplify your message? It’s easier than you think.

Get Organized

Before you do anything else, get organized. Unless you are disorganized, in which case marketing probably isn’t the right gig for you, getting your brand’s message organized isn’t as difficult as it sounds. There are numerous tools to help you; here are a few: If you’re a person who loves making lists, this product is for you. You’ll like how you can create, share, and add the lists to content.

HubSpot: You’ll amp up your organization’s marketing efforts with HubSpot, a marketing platform and sales software that offers a ton of value. Not only can you use their tools, but they have training courses to help you better your marketing mojo.

Google Apps for Work: This suite can increase your productivity and keep you organized across your entire company. From professional email accounts (Gmail) to online cloud storage (Google Drive) to video conferencing (Google Hangouts), you have everything you need to run an organized department and/or business. The best part, it is affordable.


What is your brand? Can you define it? If not, then your customers can’t either. Think about your favorite brands and the lines you pair with them. Ford trucks are “built tough.” The New York Times is “all the news that is fit to print.” While these might be slogans, they also define the brand. The customer knows exactly what they do and what they stand for – quality. If you try to be everything to everyone, you will fail. Focusing your message will simplify all of your marketing efforts.

Emulate Companies that get it Right

We’ve already mentioned two companies that get it right (Ford Trucks and The New York Times), but there are so many more. Look at LifeLock’s Facebook page, for instance. It’s a smaller company than the aforementioned, but they still showcase a well-defined message that leaves little to the customer’s imagination. When you read it, you know exactly its message — they protect customers from identity theft. And, while battling identity theft may be a complex task, the company doesn’t need to go into the fine details to let you know what it does. It stays on message. Does your company?

Marketing 101 Simplify Your Message

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