Managing Sales Tax with Dena Oberst

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Managing Sales Tax with Dena Oberst

We Ask the Experts about sales tax compliance.

Do you feel like the rules are forever changing around sales tax? Did you know you are responsible for sales tax collection and remittance in every jurisdiction you sell in and have a nexus? Do you know what makes a sale tax nexus?

Neither did we, so we sat down with Dena Oberst, The Sales Tax Guru. She has over 30 years of multi-state sales and uses tax consulting, automation, and compliance experience in retail, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and software. We talk retail, eCommerce, 3PLs, and, of course, sales tax!

Dena is the founder of Gable Tax – Sales tax is a tricky subject, and every state has its own rules. Of course, something changes aBut, but as soon as you feel like you’ve got a grip on them. Case in point, the recent Supreme Court ruling in the South Dakota vs. Wayfair case changed the game—for everyone.

For most companies, managing sales and using tax is a mind-numbing annoyance that eats away your time and profit. Dena and her team are amongst the few that like it because we love a good challenge. Sales tax compliance requires meticulous attention to detail, which allows us to use our expertise to help people. This is the kind of stuff that they love!!

Gable Tax Group serves overwhelmed CFOs, Controllers, and Tax Directors who need to save time, money, and resources while ensuring their sales and use taxes are filed correctly and on time to avoid disruption in cash flow.

From payments to permits and processes to audit defense, our sales tax specialists are committed to extending the highest tier of sales and use tax expertise as well as service that exemplifies perfection to the point that you will never want to work with anyone else.

Gable Tax wants you to see them as an extension of your company, a trusted partner, your best advocate, and a team dedicated to ensuring they do the job right the first time. Because when that happens, we all win!

Managing Sales Tax with Dena Oberst