Making the Most of Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

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When you’re injured at your place of work and do not have workers’ compensation benefits, it could make your life difficult after sustaining injuries. It would become difficult to make both ends meet since you have many days of lost wages due to the injury. Then, all workers are not aware of the claim process and end up making small yet serious blunders during the process. When you have sustained injuries while working, it is imperative to be aware of your legal rights and obligations.

According to an article published on, about 3 million workplace injuries occur every year based on the reports of the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Therefore, here are some of the best things you can do to reap the maximum benefits out of workers’ compensation claim:

Report your injuries without any delay

First things first, report your injuries to your immediate manager or boss. Each US state requires workers to provide notice of the accident within a specific period. Now, this varies from one state to the other. If you forget about the deadline or miss it, you will not receive workers’ compensation benefits. In a few states in the country, you will also need to file a claim-related form within a particular date to start the claim processing officially.

Seek medical treatment right away

Visit your doctor immediately after your accident. Quick medical attention and treatment often result in a fast recovery. It also helps to serve as an essential medical substantiation in your claim. This way, you can document the mishap and describe your physical injuries and limitations. You can consult with any Bronx New York workers compensation attorney to discuss your case.

Avoid delaying in seeking medical treatment because the insurance firm may argue that your injuries are not serious enough to seek medical intervention. The insurance provider might also try to prove that your workplace injury was cooked up and not real.

Keep all detailed reports in place

There is nothing like keeping all copies of medical reports, prescriptions, and relevant papers when you are filing workers’ compensation claims. Try to retain minute information such as lost wages, physical inabilities, a letter from your insurance firm and employer, accident reports, and work-related restrictions.

Though doctors produce medical reports that document your treatment, work constraint papers are not all the time included in your medical reports. Then, these reports are vital for receiving your workers’ compensation benefits approved and recompensed.

Appoint a professional attorney

If your claim is simple, you will not need an attorney. Then, you require hiring a workers’ compensation attorney if your claim is denied, benefits reduced, claim disregarded or refusal to provide you with essential information related to the workplace injury. In these scenarios, it is challenging to navigate through the complex claim process and receive an offer of settlement and the amount of the claim. Therefore, hire an attorney, who would value your claim, negotiate with the insurance firm, and file an appeal, if needed.


Now that you have these tips ready, you know what are the dos and don’ts while filing your workers’ compensation case.

Making the Most of Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

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