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Making Money with Apps


A couple of years back, apps weren’t even a thing. They didn’t exist, and the few that did only took money out of our pockets (eventually). But to hear about apps that actually make you richer? “Oh please, talk about something else”; you’re likely to moan as you roll your eyes at me.

But what if I told you, that today, there are apps that enrich you, like literally…with money, not just some other philosophical form of enrichment? if you haven’t come in contact with anyone, or the ones’ you’ve heard about are only good at scams and attempts at scams, accept my sincere apologies. But indeed, there are legitimate apps that make you richer!

From apps that educate you, to apps that ask you to fill poll sections, and apps that simply bring out the playing child in you with games that make you squeal, you can make money on the go with the aid of your mobile phone and an app of your choosing. You no longer have to tap your feet in impatience as you wait on a long queue, or yell out at a stranger who’s also waiting in line to see the doctor when he/she mistakenly steps on your toes; the world is blessed by your patience- because of course, your type A personality is engaged in some money-making venture while waiting. This has been my secret reason for smiling even while waiting on terribly long queues for the last couple of months, and it could be your reality too! Wouldn’t you just love that?

Now that your interest is piqued, may I show you some of these apps as you go on an interesting journey with me into the world of money-making apps?

Making Money with Apps

Making Money with Apps

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