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Belts are as much significant clothing items as the whole suit itself. They do more than merely keeping your pants up. They can bring grace in about any dull or simple dress if matched with the color scheme. Match them with your cufflinks and shoes, and there! You vibe off differently. To keep them from lying around unsafe, belt manufacturers have brought a perfect solution – custom belt boxes. They are made from a wide range of materials such as wood, cardboard, paperboard, or any other solid surface material. Moreover, they can be kept as simple or as lavish as desired. These premium packages for waistbands can be customized to infinity. Belt brands are thriving beyond limits to make their product top-selling by giving a reliable image about themselves. This is only possible if they send out their products in exceptional and trendy packaging. 

Fashion icons and enthusiasts on shopping sprees tend to buy those accessories that come in rather a stylish packaging. When buying belts for personal use or to gift to their peers, girlfriends, boyfriends, or colleagues, customers never stop in front of a product in dull packaging. Their hands would always reach for the most updated custom belt boxes, even if they are on top-most shelves. So if you wish to make your item a hit, and build a good rapport in the market, make use of the most desirable belt packages that can also increase your sales beyond belief. Here are some trending packages for waistbands that you must get hold of to improve your performance as a retail business.

Magnetic closure box  

To keep the fine leather formal belts safe and sound, boxes with magnetic closure come in handy. 

Customers stress a great deal over the safety of their highly expensive products. And it is only right to do so because it hurts their sentiments when they cannot use the purchased commodity again. Magnetic closure custom belt boxes in square shapes are a great solution to this problem. With their double-walled cardboard or corrugated design, they keep the belt protected to a great extent. Furthermore, the tiny magnets on the flap and body keep the box from opening on fall. Fine gold or silver finishing gives them a decent look. You can decide the color and design according to your brand need.

Customized 2 piece belt package

A belt box that takes less space? A standup die-cut belt box storage is the answer to this. This customized two-piece package can stand vertically and still keep the belt secure. You can imprint eye-catching taglines and vibrant graphics on them. Or keep them simple by highlighting brand name and logo only. Latter will look much more sophisticated, though. The die-cut package comes in square shape and can be given any singular or dual shade, such as greens and blues, as well as yellows and oranges. Pantone and metallic colors are also used for them. Also, fine matte lamination on it downright makes the customers say wow.

Wooden belt & buckle box

As the method of hanging belts on hooks or hangers in the closet is quite traditional, people prefer using beautiful belt box organizers that can be kept in drawers, wardrobes, or on tables. Luxury wooden belt holders can store a good amount of your formal, statement, and casual belts at a time and yet be worth-looking. The sturdy wood grain body with a transparent panel on the lid makes this organizer quite an exception. You can give your holder any royal color and offer belts in one package in the most captivating manner.

Round metallic or cardboard box

Other than standard square-shaped boxes, round packages for belts and buckles can also be used to increase the glamour and safety of your glasses and belts. The cylindrical boxes are either made of cardboard or fine-quality metal. An elegant round brown box with a custom designing is good enough to be given as a belt gift box. Hence, displaying your items inside these cute holders is something you must consider.

Flatpack belt box

Flatpack belt packages are convenient to use and place. They are made from paperboard, cardboard, or corrugated cardboard. If you wish to provide your customers with an adaptable design, these packages are the solution you are looking for. They come in telescope or rectangle shapes and can have added dividers to place buckles and belt straps separately. The good news is that after the customers have taken out the belt, they can be flattened and kept under the beds or in drawers taking minimum space.

Customized package with ribbons

Customers are not always looking for belts in exclusive packaging for themselves. They are often searching for voguish belts in even more stylish belt packaging to give as a present to someone. Herein, they prefer high-quality leather or fabric woven belts that come in appealing product packaging. Customized boxes with silk ribbons on top best serve this purpose. Color schemes, printing, and designing the package matter a lot when choosing it for a gift. These ribbon boxes can be given bright and pale colors like hot pink, royal blue, lilac, peach, or green Pantone. You can add neatly-tied ribbon bows or ribbons in a cross to enhance the whole look of your belt organizer. 

In a competitive market to make you sweat endlessly, you must utilize creative and luxurious belt packaging to attract fashionistas and to generate higher revenues for your business company. Just stay updated with the packaging trends and see your brand soar.

Desirable Packaging Ups Your eCommerce Game

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