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Tips to Make Your Customers Believe in Your Marketplace Website

Running an online business is like hanging on a thread of trust, a slight disturbance, and down will you go with everything earned so far.

Trust is the life and soul of an online business. Although trust matters the most for any business, in the case of online, it weighs a bit more as there is no physical presence or contact; it only runs on the belief. Hence, gaining trust is a critical factor in an online marketplace.

For an online marketplace to sprout and thrive in the competitive world, it needs the sellers’ trust and the customers. Unless multiple vendors trust it and agree to sell their products and customers to explore, believe, and make purchases, an online marketplace cannot be declared victorious.

Now, we all know that gaining trust is not a piece of cake. In an online marketplace, many things need to be ensured to the customers that they are safe. It is natural to have fear because they are required to provide personal details, financial information, etc., to make an online transaction. There, trust is the trump card, and if you don’t have that or have lost it once, your online business will go down in the drain.

Why trust matters so much for an online marketplace?

Why trust matters so much for an online marketplace?

Remember, it’s the customers who ultimately decide the future of your marketplace, and it’s just not a bunch of them but the trust and review of each individual that can make or break your marketplace. If one of them feels something is wrong with your marketplace, his/her review will affect a thousand others visiting or using your site, thereby leading to the collateral damage of your image.

So, how to avoid a bad reputation? How to encourage users to trust your online marketplace business and recommend it to others? The answers to these questions are simple. You got to build a concrete trust that stays, tips of which we will discuss below.

How to build trust in your marketplace? 

Know what makes them feel valued. Asking users for ratings, reviews, and suggestions will make them realize that their opinion matters. If they abandon the cart or leave a purchase halfway, communicate and remind them and enquire what is holding them from making the purchase.

Up your ratings, reviews & testimonials

Customers trust the words of other customers more. The experience shared by buyers creates a significant impact on the new customers’ purchase behavior; hence, you got to collect ratings, reviews & testimonials of the customers and ensure they are not harmful. You can either send personalized emails with the customer’s name and the product they purchased and ask them to leave a review or make use of social media platforms and thank them for their ratings and reviews or even reward them in some way. If you find people leaving negative reviews, then respond without blaming or attacking the customer, as this will make things worse. Also, you can employ proven strategies to build trust and brand loyalty.

Focus on your content curation

Content is and will be the king. Today’s customers read before they buy. Hence, you must up your content game if you need to win customers’ trust, whether it’s your B2B multivendor Magento marketplace or B2C multivendor marketplace solution content matters in both and in its unique way. Curate your content according to your target audience and focus on quality over quantity, especially during your marketplace’s early days. Check before marketing, be exclusive, and hand-pick only the best providers, products, and services.

Deliver what you promise

Don’t just promise or commit something to gain trust and then forget about it because you may, but your customers will never forget and forgive you for such behavior. Commit and promise only if you can deliver it to them or else poof…… will go your balloon of trust as an action is what people believe more than just talks.

Wrapping up 

Winning customers’ trust is not an easy nut to crack as the competition is fierce, and marketplaces are trying their best and new ways to impress users in all possible ways. Keep in mind that instead of going overboard, stick to the necessary points that matter to the customers the most. An eCommerce marketplace that is secure, up-to-date, attractive, user-friendly, provides customer support, and stands by its commitment need not put extra effort into gaining customers’ trust. All one needs is an efficiently built eCommerce marketplace solution and one’s dedication to running the marketplace honestly and smartly.

Rakesh JainAuthor Bio:

Rakesh Jain is the CEO and co-founder of Mobicommerce, provides ready-to-go eCommerce multi-vendor marketplace software solutions for over ten years.  He offers a very competitive online marketplace solution for various niches with an SEO-friendly website, thoroughly tested android and iOS apps, and a progressive web app. He renders to your specific marketplace development needs with cutting-edge technology and innovative needs.

Make Your Customers Believe

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