Make Sure Your Hosting Provider Doesn’t Affect Your SEO

It is very important to pick the right hosting provider for you. It should live up to your expectations and objectives. Some of the defining problems include not getting your deserved up-time, getting bigger and bigger initial data packages, not getting the worth that you are paying for, and negatively affect your SEO rankings. Switching from one hosting provider to another will incur additional costs in deciding who to pick when you could avoid that entirely by choosing the right hosting provider from the start. With that, here are some crucial steps that you need to consider to avoid affecting your SEO rankings.

Make Sure Your Hosting Provider Doesn't Affect Your SEO

Hosting Provider that Fits your Needs

Searching for a new hosting company will require you to exert a lot of effort in knowing about more companies and knowing what your business needs in a hosting provider. But giving enough time in deciding will ensure you better features like proper display of your site, complete technical needs, and not affecting your SEO negatively. You can start by asking for referrals from companies that hired hosting providers. Here are other guidelines on choosing your next hosting provider:

  • Ensure that the providers can work with the technical specifications your website has. You need to look at their current web technology, coding, operating system, etc. In this way, it can lessen the time allotted in making your technical specifications match.
  • You also need to consider not only the information about the bandwidth offered by the hosting provider but also the services and characteristics of their servers. Hiring providers that avoid websites to use big amounts of bandwidth and
  • Imposes a lower ceiling of bandwidth can automatically affect your SEO rankings negatively because all search engines will not be able to load your site.
  • Providers should also be able to give you exemplary customer support and quality assistance. Find hosting companies that can assist you real-time and offers you many solutions for problem or issues you may encounter.
  • A company that has a low number of downtimes and high-speed servers are a must. Search engines may lower your rankings undoubtedly because of several downtimes and slow access of your website

Website Speed

Google Page Speed Insight 

According to Google’s criteria in search engine rankings, website speed is recently a part of it. However, many websites are failing on this criterion since many companies are prioritizing website architecture and design rather than the speed in accessing the website. Here are some guides online to help you in optimizing your website to its fastest speed:

Another tip in designing your website is not making too many scripts for aesthetic and plugins. Make sure to pick VPS hosting providers as VPS is faster servers rather than choosing shared hosting. You can look at your site’s speed by accessing Pingdom Tools and Google Webmaster Tools’ speed tests.

Guaranteed Uptime

Uptime is the rate of time where your website is reachable for your users. The less downtime your site will experience, the higher will be the turnout of users visiting your site. Reliable hosting providers often have higher uptime assurance. It will help to lessen the risk that your site will experience ‘Internal Server Error’ messages when loading your page.

A good provider should have at least 99.9% of uptime guarantee which ensures you approximately 1 minute and 26 seconds of downtime per day and 8 hours and 48 minutes in a whole year. You need to pick the one that can offer the least number of downtimes for your site. Ensuring a higher uptime guarantee of the provider will undoubtedly give you a positive influence in your SEO rankings.

All in One Package

We like package deals and free services we can from purchasing a product or service from a company. Web hosting also has the same deals that can not only give you any charge services but can greatly help your SEO rankings. Here are some of the value-adds that can help upgrade your site:

  • Automatic backups – you need providers that will offer you back up on your website, so you can quickly restore your site after crashing. Also, they should be backing up your site regularly or until the last edit on your site so that your data will be ready always in case of a malfunction in your site.
  • SSL – these certificates you automatically make your site secure since our generation now is conscious on the security of their information online. Look into your companies and see if they offer and support these on their sites, you might also get these for free.
  • Multiple Hosting Plans – your hosting needs will be changing as your site expands and generate more volume of traffic. You might need a bigger server or find your dedicated server.

Now that you have a rough guide to follow, you can now choose the right hosting provider while keeping your SEO ranking at the top of its game. You need to intensively evaluate the deciding factors and coordinate with your hosting provider to achieve all your expectations. In doing this, you can minimize the negative effects on your SEO.

Make Sure Your Hosting Provider Doesn’t Affect Your SEO

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