Major Benefits of Using AngularJS in 2021

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AngularJS is an open-source and structured model view controller (MVC) framework to develop web applications. It utilizes HTML as the template language. The developers can use AngularJS combined with various technologies due to its redundancy for data binding & dependency. Most commonly, AngularJS is used to develop SPAs or single-page applications.

Why is AngularJS trending?

Whenever a business reaches a Javascript development services provider for an online portal set up, the most commonly recommended JS framework is AngularJS. What are the reasons behind this? Want to know them? Read ahead to some noteworthy features that go behind such recommendations.

Let’s begin!

#1 AngularJS follows MVC architecture

Model view controller or MVC architecture is a modern-day web application development concept that most businesses opt for. This architecture divides the traditional pattern into three layers, i.e., data, business logic, and presentation. Doing this facilitates easy and fast management of tasks resulting inefficient applications. MVC architecture is suitable for both mobile and web applications.

By dividing the pattern into layers helps the backend to work fast with zero crashing and mistakes. Moreover, it is the most simplified architecture.

#2 Unit testing

Google has developed ‘Karma,’ a framework for testing web applications developed with AngularJS. AngularJS support easy testing by developing individual test pages. The need for unit testing is pivotal in complex application development. With AngularJS, this need is served seamlessly with flawless unit testing. This, in turn, makes the whole app development process fast and powerful.

Almost every AngularJS development company loves this framework due to its powerful unit testing pattern. Moreover, it uses the dependency injection for easy controllers and scopes management.

#3 Support from Google

Google is the most popular search engine in the world. And, if it has created something, that means a lot for the end-users. This is another reason why AngularJS is popular. Not only are the company software and applications popular, but also they deliver valuable, robust, innovative, and user-friendly solutions to the users.

The data of AngularJS is kept and maintained by Google’s dedicated servers and team. Unlike multiple other frameworks of Google, AngularJS has maintained its reputation and effectiveness. Having support from Google makes the developers and end-users more confident about AngularJS.

#4 Real-time application testing

For programmers, the most common headache is module testing. AngularJS lets them test the modules created in real-time. Instead of waiting long for testing and updating things (for bug resolving in code), AngularJS allows developers to perform in-depth testing. Not only does real-time testing help developers to get saved from cumbersome tasks, but it also saves a lot of time involved in module testing.

#5 Flexible

Having a flexible app development framework is bliss for every developer. AngularJS framework is quite flexible when it comes to server communication. The developers can work with any server-side technology when working with JavaScript MVC framework, i.e., AngularJS. Moreover, angular facilitates calling abstract API into services that we reusable. So, this is a plus point with AngularJS from the development perspective.

#6 POJO or Plain Old JS Objects

The POJO model of the AngularJS framework helps clear code creation at the developer’s end while developing web applications that are more interactive than other frameworks.

Final Words

It was all about some compelling benefits that come along with AngularJS. These six features of the AngularJS framework make it an ideal choice for the best technology to build web applications. But, of course, you can always seek help from experts in case of any custom requirements.

Major Benefits of Using AngularJS in 2021

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