Major Benefits of Earning the CEH Certification In 2021

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Recent trends note that more than 68% of organizations fall victim to cyber-attacks. On top of this, the new way of working with remote systems makes the road easier for hackers. Even fortune 500 organizations have no defense without a professional to handle them. It is why (Certified Ethical Hacker) CEH certification is gaining traction. 

If you are wondering whether the certification is worth it, you have come to the right place. This article will discuss the splendid benefits of learning CEH training and why you should invest money and time in it.

What Is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking is a legal procedure to evaluate the system vulnerabilities and then fixing those vulnerabilities. It means that you need to gain access before you can assess how vulnerable it is. An ethical hacker needs excellent technical skills to carry out this task successfully.

Today, you can find these certified professionals working alongside the largest companies in their battle against cybercriminals. Ethical hacking is a crucial security practice that all industries, such as government, energy, healthcare, etc., have to execute.

What Is A CEH Certification?

EC Council originally started the CEH credential in 2003 as a way for organizations to identify individuals with specific information security training who could help them achieve ultimate cyber protection from miscreants.

This training is ideal for those who want to become IT Auditors, Information Security Analysts, System Administrators, Information Security Officers, Network Engineers, etc.

What Is The Purpose Of CEH Certification?

A certified and talented ethical hacker is a person who is skilled at understanding the weakness of a vast system and fixing them through legal and ethical methods. CEH is the only program that specializes in offering expertise in the five phases of processes. In addition, it includes a measurable way of pinpointing the vulnerabilities present in the network or an organization. 

The job opportunities in ethical hacking have increased, and it is estimated to grow exponentially within the next ten years. It is because we live in a century where new technology expansion occurs daily along with cybercrimes.

Top Four Benefits Of Earning A CEH Certification In 2021

Are you aspiring to become a professional, ethical hacker and progress your career? Below are reasons why you must take up cybersecurity certifications to enhance your knowledge of risks and vulnerabilities on the web. 

  • Think Like A Hacker

If you are familiar with the phrase “to beat a hacker, you need to think like one,” then thinking like a hacker is an initial step to progress your career in cybersecurity. And a CEH certification entails you understanding the intricate process of a cyber-criminal. 

The training equips you with the proper thought process, skills, and aptitude to beat a cybercriminal in their own game. It also involves drawing up major strategies to fight back once the criminals conduct their attack.

  • Access To The Video Sessions Anywhere And Anytime

Access to crucial sessions anywhere across the globe is another excellent advantage of the training. You can look up the material while sitting in a cab waiting to get somewhere. Also, you do not need to travel to receive the training, making the learning completely hassle-free.

  • Salary Boost With Advanced Information

If you have a strong foundation in cybersecurity fundamentals, an ethical hacker certification can expand your knowledge. The training focuses on teaching you about the advanced techniques and tools employed by hackers. 

Since cybercriminals also evolve with technology, keeping yourself up to date with constant cyber domain knowledge is essential. With the proper certification, you will understand how hackers try to access networks in no time.

  • Using Real Hacking Tools

The versatile CEH certification involves the actual usage of some hacking tools to satisfy your curiosity. With over 2,200 hacking tools and many real-world labs, you’ll receive the in-depth knowledge to handle such software and gain practical experience. 


The scope of CEH as a long-term career option holds various benefits. From beginner to advanced level, anyone aspiring to protect the cyber world can take up this certification. 

If you are searching for the best CEH training, then check out Koenig Solutions. One of the leading names in the IT training industry, Koenig Solutions offers unparalleled training that meets international standards.

Major Benefits Of Earning The CEH Certification In 2021

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