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The idea of incorporating Artificial Intelligence in the web development business isn’t a far-fetched one anymore. While touching many facets of our daily lives, this advanced technology AI now walks hand in hand with us.

With each passing day, we are relying more on it!

Our usage of AI-based voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana are splendid examples. As time passes more in the future, these VA’s will increase, and we will become more accustomed to them!

The same is happening in the eCommerce industry, where AI is reshaping it! If we talk about eCommerce, then Magento is a must topic. Therefore, in this article, we will focus on AI and its usage in Magento to boost the eCommerce industry.

Before I start with it, let’s first discuss whether

Is AI A Boon Or Bane For eCommerce?

Finding out whether a thing is a curse or not is very difficult! Everything depends upon the usage, and the same goes for AI in eCommerce.

AI is making unprecedented leaps to reshape consumer thoughts and buying habits. This is 100% positive, but people often think about an army of machines based on AI taking us into a dark future (A bit of like Terminator).

However, if you notice machines around you, then they are making human lives more manageable. Thus, do not fear because AI won’t cause Judgement day!

AI e-commerce in web development, especially AI-enabled Magento eCommerce development, collects, sorts, stores, and uses the information to give us the best insights and help us make the best decision!

AI in Magento website development analyzes data patterns, customer shopping patterns, behavior performance, etc., and leads the changes in an eCommerce business.

For Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos, AI and machine learning will embrace those eCommerce companies which use them but will put barriers n those who don’t use them.

“Among Alexa’s 1 million E-commerce stores, 19% are powered by AI & Magento.”

At least, it is right to say that AI and Magento web development can go hand in hand. As per the magnitude of market share, the combination of Magento and AI gives a better and personalized eCommerce experience which is a difficult task.

Not every web development company or certified dedicated web developer can do it!

It needs an extreme amount of knowledge, vision to embrace AI in Magento. There are many top Magento development services in the USA which are readily into this business.

With significant investments and big brains, they can give the best web developments – artificially intelligent eCommerce solutions!

In other words, AI is not bane!

How AI In Magento Web Development Helps?

Increasing Consumer Experience

The groundbreaking implementation of AI in Magento web development services is purchase assistants that efficiently target the users and start giving them suggestions at the right time.

Based on human behavior and shopping pattern data, AI in Magento eCommerce gives personal suggestions. Also, powered with cognitive computing and Machine learning, Magento creates a personalized experience for the users’ rule out human bias or errors.

AI Makes Shopping Experience Smooth

eCommerce is a one-click shopping amplified with AI-based smart search facilities, cart systems, payment processes, etc.

At present, both B2B and B2C eCommerce customers choose Magento due to its array of customized extensions and advanced search options! The product search functionality is an integral part of eCommerce.

Looking for a specific product and not getting it disturbs users’ eCommerce experience.

But, AI-based search tools utilize NLP (natural language process) and generate better results effortlessly.

“From the reports of Gartner, it is expected that 85% of eCommerce interactions between the users and website by 2020 will be handled without a human via digital assistants.”

This probably will create a unique customer experience at the eCommerce stores built in Magento.

eCommerce Purchase Assistants

Purchase Assistants aren’t fully released, yet you can expect them to analyze and monitor online shopping stores. Furthermore, these assistants will ultimately manage the cart system and checkout process.

In addition to this, when AI-enabled purchase assistants are combined with Magento eCommerce development, real-time shopping data collection becomes more critical, and cracking deals become easier.

“Adweek reports suggest that 65% of shoppers spend nearly 15 to 20 minutes researching products before making a purchase. It concludes that the research in the future eCommerce industry will play an important role.”

Google’s assistants are already capable enough to determine an object, person, place, location, animal, and more. Moreover, the assistants work with high precision or accuracy.

Don’t ever get surprised shortly if you see similar capabilities in an E-commerce online store. It will not be wrong at all if we call the future of e-commerce directly and actively linked with the virtual shopping assistants.”

Magento, Artificial Intelligence & Cybersecurity

In retail & eCommerce online businesses, cyber fraud, security breaches, online theft, hacking, etc., can be significant blemishes. There are different channels like Desktop, mobile devices, social commerce, etc., to which threats and thefts possess risks.

However, by combining Magento’s security standards with AI, ML, and eCommerce industry processes, multiple challenges can be solved without consuming more time and money.

Magento eCommerce development extensively helps in the following ways:

  • Generating more data in a secured manner
  • Increasing human-decision making
  • Reducing false behavior analysis

“In a study by Reitblat, e-commerce merchants lost a whopping sum of $4 billion due to cyber threats & fraudulent activities. Even more, the big e-commerce giants turned down $20 billion worth as the orders weren’t genuine.”

Enhanced Customer Support

AI with Machine learning builds experiential data and allows AI Bots to provide effective and 24×7 customer support solutions that are less costly and can resolve issues faster than a human brain.

Ecommerce stores often receive backlash for quick and personalized support. But the Magento development companies in the USA automated AI to customer responses so that the best customer support can be given to retaining customers.

Front-end AI-powered chatbots handle queries at web portals. The responses from them are automated! Chatbots act as agents that set up your customer relations and obtain an edge difference while retaining and attracting more customers.

Most e-commerce giant companies have put AI to their advantage. Flipkart, Amazon, and some social commerce embedded AI reduced the man resource using the Magento platform.

Since Magento is scalable with the best features, it is a perfect candidate who can take your online shopping store to the next stage of tech evolution.

eCommerce companies like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc., are already enjoying the advantages of Artificial Intelligence, and you can also do the same by using Magento website development services for your eCommerce ventures.

Magento applications based on AI give a productive environment and are strongly supported by Magento developers and their robust and active community.

“Chloe, Search Spring, Choice AI, etc. are some Magento – AI applications.”

With AI and Magento eCommerce solutions, we predict happy and permanent customers whose numbers will increase with time. Thus, don’t late and start using Magento web development along with AI.

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James Burns is the Founder and CEO of CMS Website Services, a globally ranking eCommerce development services provider in the USA. With 10+ years of experience designing, developing, implementing & maintaining high-quality global redundant, compliance-ready applications, network, and Data Centers for private and Govt organizations, I have all solutions to your IT problems as a tech-business person.

Magento Web Development And AI Can Go Hand In Hand

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