Magento Upgrade Service - Top 5 Providers In India
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Magento Upgrade Service – Top 5 Providers In India

Are you planning on upgrading or migrating your Magento online store to the most recent version? One of the most difficult challenges for a growing business is keeping up with customer demand.

Keeping your eCommerce platform secure and up to date on the latest features is critical to providing them with a positive user experience.

Magento is one of the easiest platforms to update, making the process easier for your busy team. However, you can also consult with the leading Magento upgrade service providers.

Collaboration with experienced service providers can provide valuable insight into your online platform for small businesses starting.

We’ve compiled a list of the industry’s best Magento upgrade service providers to help you grow your eCommerce website.

List of Best Magento Upgrade Service Providers


Since 2014, MagentoBrain has been a leading Magento development company, providing custom Magento extensions and various services such as Magento customization, migration, upgrade, and custom development. A Certified team handles everything for you with Magento Upgrade Service, ensuring that your store remains efficient and up-to-date with the latest and greatest features. Contact the MagentoBrain Team for best-in-class technology with ZERO downtime and NO data loss.


MageAnts is a leading Magento 2 Development Company, having completed over 50 Magento upgrades. MageAnts, as a Magento 2 certified developer, assists store owners in improving the scalability and performance of their Magento store. With over seven years of Magento development experience, our team of talented and expert Magento developers is always prepared to provide the best, most secure, and most advanced Magento 2 Migration Services.

Suntech India

SunTec India experts collaborate to simplify this process and help you achieve the best results. Magento version upgrade services adhere to a tried-and-true methodology. Provide customizations to make your upgraded eStore appear to be a bespoke product. When upgrading from Magento 1 to Magento 2, we leave no stone unturned, from retaining its original functionality to data protection.

Code Decorator

Upgrade your Magento to the most recent version using our superior upgrade service. At code decorator, a leading Magento 2 development company with extensive eCommerce experience, we can assist you with this upgrade service to bring your store up to date with the latest features and security. In addition, we have direct experience migrating Magento to Magento2, Magento open source to Magento commerce, and Magento cloud.


If you run an older version of Magento, you are more likely to be hacked, which can destroy your business in minutes. In addition, it can sometimes result in the loss of the database and even the real customer data. Upgrade the Magento version to avoid these problems before it’s too late. Magento updates provide improved security and scalability, new features that improve store performance, and enhanced security to protect against potential vulnerabilities and bugs.


Choose the best Magento upgrade service with a comprehensive package that can support your online shop’s growth, optimize your website and increase web traffic to boost sales.

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