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Magento: First Choice Of Canadian eCommerce Development Agencies

eCommerce sales in Canada boost at the end of every year when search engines traditionally roll their updates. Taking most of the eCommerce websites down in the SERPs. Due to which many eCommerce websites suffer a  dip in sales when most customers are hyperactive. We have Magento website development to prevent this dip in the SERPs and constantly improve the sales graph

Magento is an eCommerce web development tool that focuses solely on boosting the eCommerce website’s sales. As a result, Magento-developed websites are less likely to drop down in the SERPs in major search engines updates roll-outs. This is because they very search engine friendly and easy for users to navigate. Eventually, making the website extract more sales through peak seasons. 

Here is why most eCommerce web developers in Canada have declined to choose Magento as their go-to tool for eCommerce website development.

Build To Grow With Flexibility:

TBrandslike Samsung, Nike, Ford, Foxconn, Lenovo, Olympus, and Men’s Health rely upon Magento because it does what it claims to do. Without any Ifs and Buts, Magento developers have delivered some robust websites for eCommerce businesses. Even the small businesses that stepped ahead to adapt the eCommerce business model didn’t feel any drawbacks growing their eCommerce websites scale.

Magento And Its Relationship With Search Engines: 

Magento-based websites have proved their good relationship with search engines crawlers time and time again. This is due to Magento’s less complicated coding format. It helps the search engines crawl your website better and fast. Ultimately making the content visible in the SERPs with a reward of rankings and more organic traffic. 

Magento Is Mobile-Friendly

Considering the rise in eCommerce customers using mobile phones for shopping, the search engines prefer mobile-first indexing. For this purpose, all the eCommerce websites have to be fast and accessible by most mobile phones. 

There aren’t many eCommerce development platforms that provide the privilege to their developers to develop light and fast eCommerce websites. However, Magento developers in Canada have been successfully developing eCommerce websites that are light and fast. This is partly due to Magento being the best option for the eCommerce websites and partly due to the expertise of Magento developers. 

Flaws of Magento:

There is a huge scarcity of Magento certified developers in the world. Fortunately, you can hire good Magento developers with sufficient experience in Canada from Yazlo. Because Magento is a scalable platform, most eCommerce websites demand customization. Even if you have a Magento developer, one might not customize the website and its extensions for you. In Yazlo, they provide all kinds of customizations, be it the extensions or added features in the website. 

Slow Magento Websites:

There have been complaints about Magento-based eCommerce websites being slow and laggy. But if you hire a good Magento developer, you can make your website fast as lighting and make your code light as a feather. 

Magento: First Choice Of Canadian eCommerce Development Agencies

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