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Essential features of a modern low-code development platform

What is a Low-code development platform?

A low Code development platform is a program that can be altered or changed without changing it completely; it can be done by providing a set of tools to skilled people who can create a more reliable and faster program. A low code development program, or a Rapid Application Development program, is the methodology used to expedite software application development.

Features of the modern low-code development platform

  • Drop and drag

Low code development platforms should have extraordinary functionality that the developer can easily drop and drag in. These components are like blocks; each has a specific purpose, which can be used in various applications as an important part of a larger puzzle. The capabilities of pre-built components vary; hence, the developers must be a little careful if the developer needs to build an enterprise management system. Then, he will need to look for features like business process management, business rules, and the generation of PDF contract documents. Developers can easily code UI objects from pre-built components rather than from scratch.

  • Visual modeling tools

Besides writing code, software development has many complexities, like planning, testing, and implementation, which is very time-consuming. Hence, modern code development programs need to simplify the software development complexities by debugging, integration testing, performance analysis, and deployment.

  • It supports IT Collaboration and Fluid Business.

Rapidly changing digital enterprises require IT and business experts to work for the development of new digital customer experiences along with automated business operations. Unlike traditional development, which involves back-and-forth planning of new application, determination of product specs, writing of code, testing, and having a mock-up user interface, which is very tedious and time-consuming, modern low code development programs facilitates smooth communication between IT and business through visual development which is clear and understandable by non-technical users. This helps the developers meet the deadlines on time and business requirements.

  • It embraces the cloud.

Modern low-code development programs mainly aim to deliver large-scale, mission-critical solutions for major institutes, government projects, and financial institutions. They always come with pre-certified cloud security credentials like PCI and FedRAMP compliance. The problems faced by traditional tools of not providing the entire support to the software were overcome by the modern development platforms by providing a rich stock of components that enable business and IT collaboration and embrace dynamic cloud architectures like Visual Basic, Power Builder, etc.

  • It has instant mobility.

In today’s world, automation is very important as the development of one and deployment everywhere where applications must be designed with cross-platform functionality. Here is when automation plays an important role, reducing the tedious job of coding or resources with no extra effort. E.g., Explosions of cell phones, tablets, etc.

  •  App lifecycle support

It should accelerate the development of the applications with easy deployment and shall be updated with the changing business trends on its own.

These features of a modern low-code development platform help develop apps to fulfill specific business requirements.

Low Code Development Platform Features

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