LogWork Time Tracker Software with Screenshot Monitor

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LogWork Time Tracker Software with Screenshot Monitor

There are several reasons why businesses choose not to track time. Most people with similar thoughts probably perceive time tracking as a cumbersome administrative task, and a means to hinder creativity and teamwork.

It is true. However, that time tracking has several benefits. A properly implemented management system does not result in micromanagement or oppressing creative thinking. Instead, a time tracking system provides a clear overview of where your employees spend their time and enables you to make informed decisions about how best to use that resource.

When it comes to tracking employees’ time can be challenging. However, a reliable and easy system is key to good time tracking. This is because a complex system will lead to the fact that workers will avoid using it. 

If you want to improve the productivity of your employees and avoid wasting resources, you should consider implementing a time-tracking system. 

We recommend using the LogWork time tracker with a screenshot monitor feature. Then, using any device, you can easily access the dashboard to see the time worked wherever your team is.

LogWork Time Tracker Software with Screenshot Monitor for Freelancers and Businesses

It might be necessary to provide some further reasons if that summary still doesn’t convince you:

Make your employees as productive as possible

Through time tracking, employees better understand how long each task takes and how they perform. In addition, by engaging your team in their productivity, you can help them feel empowered to manage their time and workload.

In addition, if they utilize time tracker software, they will also be able to understand which tasks are currently in the queue, so there will always be something to work on.

Estimates and quotes should be improved.

You can create accurate quotes by keeping accurate records of how long each type of job takes. This will ensure a successful relationship with your clients. 

If you use a time tracker that includes the invoice generation functionality, you may be able to run invoices instantly. This will enable you to check whether the time spent matches the price quoted. This way, you will be able to improve your estimates as required so that you do not underestimate any tasks. Both you and your clients will take advantage of this arrangement.

Contractor tracking

To avoid blowing your budget, you need to keep a close eye on freelancers’ workloads and hours and fill out timesheets for contractors. You can track the performance of different contractors so you can allocate work properly, and you can only pay for what’s done if you keep an accurate record of their hours. 

This will save you from paying for hours not spent working on your project. You can also keep on top of expenses by using this system to track each contractor’s hours and hourly rate. This will also help you stay within budget and avoid any nasty surprises at the end of a project when it comes time to calculate how much money you will owe freelancers.

Screenshot monitor feature

LogWork provides users with the screenshot monitor feature. In such a way, it can take screenshots of the work screens of the employees. The interval can be set in the settings per workspace or individually for each employee. The screenshot contains the activity rate, and the app used when the screenshot was taken. You should upgrade to a paid plan if you need more than three screenshots per hour.

Multi-device time tracking

It is possible to keep time consistently even if your team is remote, on-site, or works worldwide. No matter where your team is, they can see their dashboard anytime and anywhere in their account since LogWork is a mobile-friendly website.

A comparison of projects

How can different projects be compared? Would you like to see if your speed has improved? How has the ratio of different project types changed over time? Answers can be found if your data is recorded. You can record data with time-tracking software. 

To track your time effectively, you need to record data in your business and then use that data to maximize productivity and profit. Hopefully, we’ve given you a few ideas to consider and implement.

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