Lockdowns Impact Cannabis Events

Continuing our series on the impact of the Coronavirus on the cannabis industry, we sat down with Dieter Behrentin, Founder & CEO of Behrentin Communication – the brand stylists, Influencer, Consultant and Entrepreneur bringing you The Body –  a CBD Expo in Germany/Europe with a focus on the sports, beauty and health market. Where each visitor is specifically looking for CBD information.

What is your biggest challenge these days?

Planning the future. In such times it is very important that you are flexible and experienced if you run a company. Due to our set up of work areas we are able to run a stable revenue

How is the Cannabis Industry impacted during the lockdown?

The industry is new and therefore it will be very difficult for many new brands to survive but at the same time, it can be a chance since most countries offering now easy ways to get fundings which were not the case before Corona.

Lockdowns Impact Cannabis Events

Should they be an essential service?

Not sure but as far as I know, in some countries, they are allowed to keep their shops open.

How do we support medical clients?

In Germany, the infrastructure of the health system is very good. So is the support

How does the lockdown impact growing?

Hopefully, the lockdown does not stay on for long otherwise it will affect the supply chain. The industry is new and in my opinion, in every crisis is a chance.

What has inspired you in the last week?

To see that society is changing for the good I hope. Old values such as, caring for each other, helping, etc. hopefully returning to our lives and we slow down a bit and look at the world in a different way.

Will this have a lasting impact on cannabis events?

The response we got from our exhibitors when we postponed and at present is outstanding. We did postpone THE BODY early enough so we could work on the new dates and our exhibitors could reorganize and did not lose money due to refund. This division was hard at the time and risky but it turned out to be the right one.

Many new exhibitors told me that they had a bad experience with other organizers who waited until the last minute and then, did not pay a refund. So, no show and no money. This itself is tough since, with this experience, exhibitors will consider twice if they do another show this year or will wait until the last minute. This is the problem many organizers are facing now since as an organizer you need to pay bills for production min. 2 months ahead of a show if you want to have the best results for all involved. With our experience in event production, we know how to handle such things and what we have to do to run a smooth and professional show.

What advice do you have for cannabis businesses?

Stay focused and sell quality products according to the rules.

What is the first thing you want to do when this is over?

Going to the airport with my 2 kids and show them London.

Months from now, what will we have learned from all this?

Money is not everything.

Lockdowns Impact Cannabis Events

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