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How Can a Live Chat Tool Help Grow Your E-Commerce Email Marketing List?

For every $1 spent on email marketing, email marketing returns an ROI of $32 [Direction Marketing Association (UK) 2018]. Now, let’s be certain about one thing; email marketing is the darling of marketers. And it will continue to be so for as long as people use emails for communication.

The good news is that email marketing is for all — small businesses, entrepreneurs, and growing businesses alike. All of them can use email marketing to ramp up their sales pipeline. In fact, email marketing is an essential tool for e-commerce businesses that always have to deal with customers virtually. There are several e-commerce marketing automation tools in the market today that enable online retailers to send retargeting emails. These help converted customers who have abandoned shopping carts or have carts full of stuff waiting to be checked out.

There is another tool that almost all e-commerce players have started using in recent days — live chat. Live chat makes it possible for online businesses to respond to every website visitor quickly. This makes it a perfect tool to build your email list as well.

Curious to know how that can be done? Here is how a live chat tool can help grow your email marketing list.

Help Users Choose the Right Product 

From the retail industry’s perspective, e-commerce makes selling to the world at large easier. However, finding the right product that matches their expectations is still a chore from the customer’s perspective. There are hundreds of product categories and endless sub-categories to wade through before the product can be found. Even if they find the product, getting the brand, color, and other specs right is difficult.

Live chat software can be a welcome relief here. It can collect user queries about the product that they are looking for. Using text analytics, the tool can suggest the right product that the customer intends to buy.

However, when the product is out-of-stock or more context is required to find the right product, there could be situations when the product is out-of-stock. In such instances, the live chat tool can ask for the user’s email. When the product is back in stock, an email notification can be sent to the user. Similarly, sales reps can go through the chat history and get in touch with the user to offer the right solutions.

Real-Time Interaction, First-Time and Every Time

Live chat offers an interactive way of communicating with customers in real-time. They are specifically useful when the reps/agents are not available to respond to website visitors. For example, a live chat tool can collect the user email id before initiating a chat. This is typically useful when your store is working in one time zone but has customers from all corners of the world. 

The chat interface can be further enhanced to make the chat more segmented. Visitors wanting to chat the sales or support can choose the option before initiating the chat.

But, how is it possible for live chat to replicate real-time interaction like human beings?

At the onset, live chat is a software application. It can be enriched with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities. These cognitive technologies enable it to converse with users with a human-like tone. Also, text analytics help optimizes the level of personalization, something that is much-needed in user interactions.

For e-commerce business owners, this solves two problems: they can collect the user email ID in the first interaction and drive the conversation forward in an engaging manner. Since these customer support agents/reps already have the context of the customer requirements, they can drive the conversation better, resulting in higher customer engagement.

In a Nutshell 

For an e-commerce business or any other business, running an email marketing campaign is no mean task. Before kickstarting an email marketing campaign off, you need an email marketing list. A bigger list makes all the effort of sending the email worthwhile. Like anything good that takes time to build, building a solid email marketing list also takes time. If your online store relies on a single channel like the store’s website visitors to build an email list, the list building process will take quite a while.

It is here that live chat can make a difference. It can help grow a rich email marketing list effortlessly. It helps collect emails straight from customers instead of buying email lists from third-party vendors.

Live chat is as popular as today among marketers and business owners for its versatility in interacting with website visitors. It can also be leveraged to build a solid email marketing list that can be used for retargeting ads or for sustaining customer relationships.

Live Chat Grows eCommerce Email Lists