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Building links to an eCommerce website is much more complex than most other websites.  For the most part, eCommerce websites are boring and not very link-worthy.  How much news and excitement can you make for your products?

It can be complex and challenging on where to start and how to go about link building.  A good SEO can help provide guidance and perform quality link-building services.

Category Pages

When it comes to eCommerce websites, category pages are your bread and butter.  Category pages should be the most important landing pages on your website.  You want your customers to land on these pages so they can see a variety of products you have to sell.

A few tips to help build links to category pages:

  • Get listed on vendor or manufacturer websites. In many cases, they will list your company and provide a link back to your site.  Ask them to link to the category page that is relevant to the vendor.
  • Provide a code where people can use your pictures by copying the code.  You can put a link in the code that says something like “Photo courtesy of”
  • Make sure each category page has linkable citations.  What does this mean? Add facts that people will want to share.
  • Ask bloggers to change a homepage link to a category page link.  Ecommerce website gains a lot of links to their homepage.  Don’t be afraid to ask a few bloggers if they don’t mind changing the links to a relevant inner page.

Blog Pages

When you have a blog on your eCommerce website, that is an excellent opportunity to create valuable content that people might want to link to. How-to guides are great content and can gain some links.  However, nowadays, people want more interactive content that is full of facts.

Another effective way to create content that will gain links is the popular skyscraper method. Using this method will guarantee you make the most comprehensive content on the subject you are covering.

Create Buzz

There are a few ways to create a buzz in the online world, and the two most effective are through social media and blogger outreach.  If you can get at least a handful of social media influencers to share your content, you can get many eyes on your webpage.  The more eyes, the better the chance someone else may write a story or include your link in a roundup.  The same is said for bloggers. If you can get a few popular bloggers to mention you in one of their posts, it can gain traction and pick up a few more links.

Newsletters are a great way to gain more visibility. You can search Google for your niche to see which bloggers or companies put out weekly or monthly newsletters.  If your content adds value, there is a good chance just by asking if they will share it, you can get on their list.

Outreach is a huge part of the link-building process.  Whether you are looking for social media influencers, bloggers, or journalists, it can take contact hundreds of them before you get a few links.

Not Just Links

Everything we have been talking about can help you obtain more links to your website.  But often, if you are getting some significant exposure, there is a good chance the coverage will turn into sales.  One company that put together a great piece of content ended up selling over $10,000 in products because a popular newsletter featured its content.

Link Building for eCommerce Websites

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