Leveraging Social Walls to Drive User Engagement

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From a growing teenager to a business professional, these social channels have caught hold of each of us. And their use is not limited to just sharing photos, tagging people, and posting selfies, but there is much more in this social media world. One of the most prominent areas where social media has established its good presence is in the events industry.

As stated above, social media is limited to smartphones and computer screens but has successfully evolved to entice everyone through other digital mediums. One such excellent way to show live social media content during an event is ‘Social Walls.’ But what exactly are these social walls, and how do they manage the mass audience interest during an event?

Social Media Walls – Key to Event Marketing

As the name suggests, a social wall is a large digital wall or screen displaying real-time content (pictures, videos, captions, etc.) uploaded to various users’ social media platforms. The material displayed on these walls is prominently featured using hashtags. Every time a new post is uploaded to any of these channels using the same hashtag, the social wall is automatically refreshed, and the latest Displays content immediately.

These social media walls are vital in increasing audience engagement at your event and creating more marketing and word-of-mouth marketing around your brand. One can install these social walls in various activities, be it a product launch, a concert, a sports event, or a music festival. But what are the other benefits of a social media wall? Here is a list of some of the significant services that digital displays provide –

1. Setting up a social media wall at your event magically transforms your event attendees into a happy audience. People feel happy and satisfied as being one of the major attractions of your event. The content they post, when displayed on the big screen, makes them feel unique and valuable.

2. By analyzing content published by various attendees, you can easily filter the audience relevant to your brand. It becomes much easier to target the right group of people than to search for buyers randomly.

3. A social wall helps you create a conversation around your event, not only by current attendees but also by their friends and followers. This, in turn, builds a loyal fan base that is sure to connect with you for your next event as well.

4. Using social media walls to invite authentic and trusted content by your audience is a great way to strengthen your social presence. Your event’s hashtag will be broadcast on various social media platforms so that more and more people will be aware of it.

Leveraging social walls to drive user engagement

To bring out the best from these social screens, viewers need to know what to expect from them. So let’s shed some light on how these social walls can be transformed for event marketing –

1. Create an Effective and Interactive Social Wall –

Showing audience-published tweets and posts on your social wall is a good start for your event, but just sticking to this idea can be exhausting and not the crowd’s attention. Long enough to pull. So try to engage your audience in some of the more reliable and engaging activities. For example, you can organize a Q&A session with an on-screen crowd that encourages them to participate in your event campaign actively. Or you can also do a survey in which people are asked to share their thoughts and feedback on how they like your event.

2. Speaker corner on the wall –

The speaker or chief guest is the driving force behind the success of your event. They have found a special place in the heart of your audience and therefore deserve a particular corner on your social media wall. Displaying live feeds from your social accounts not only reveals your event attendees but also exposes your event to millions of fans and followers.

3. Satisfy your sponsors –

Sponsors are hidden catalysts for your event. These social media walls help you get in front of a global audience by displaying your social media posts on the big screen. This is a win-win situation for you as well as your sponsors.

Therefore, we have discussed some strategies to leverage these digital walls for a successful event. But there is always an exciting way for you to discover other exciting patterns and better catch your audience’s attention to the end.

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