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Leveraging eCommerce Using 5 Powerful Social Media Strategies

Social media is coming out as a great tool for promoting the businesses and is turning to be essential for any kind of business. The amalgamation of social media with e-commerce has completely changed the concept of marketing, promotions, and sales. One must understand that if they are running low on their social media strategies, then even their e-commerce agenda cannot do anything good for them. The speed with which the concept of social media marketing is growing, it seems like that time is close when we would see it taking over the newspaper and any other physical forms of promotions. Social media gives the freedom to create better user engagement by reaching customers directly through more interactive ways. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that every business who is looking for a marketing plan would surely have social media targeting at the top of their list. Here we have a list of 5 powerful and necessary social media strategies which can be of great advantage to promote the e-commerce process of any industry.

Approaching A Micro Influencer

One of the strongest action which the businesses are taking is to approach the micro influencers who have a well-established image over the social media websites. Even though these micro influencers are operating at a smaller level but tieing up with the big names help give them more exposure while they help the big brands to reach remote customers with more authority. The business running on an e-commerce platform prefer to collaborate with these micro-influencers as they are much affordable as compared to any marketing campaigns run by hiring popular celebrities.

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Interaction Based Advertising

Big brands who are highly dependent on their e-commerce agenda are focusing on enhancing the interaction with the customers. It is more of a cost-free advertisement which works on promoting the content that is dedicated to the customer who is receiving it. However, a new hashtag strategy is getting very popular where the popular brands feature the people who wear their clothes and post their pictures using a hashtag suggested by the brand. This helps in creating a bigger circle of approach where all the friends and the followers of the customer are targeted without any effort.

Paid Promotions

It is a well-known fact that the exposure which is delivered by social media websites cannot be compared with the many other marketing strategies followed by the businesses. This is a reason why social media websites are used for paid advertising by almost every popular brand existing. There are more than 6 million advertisers only on facebook which are continuously increasing. These advertisers are promoting the products which can reach every single user who is active on Facebook. However, Facebook and other websites are continuously working on improving the entire process of marketing by improving the targeting process following the demographics, interested communities and potential customers who are looking for a specific product etc.

Live Advertising

What can be more interesting than selling your product through the medium of live advertisement? Many brands such as apple are implementing this strategy as every year they launch their new products using the live advertising agenda. When such big names of the tech industry are following the live marketing process then there is no doubt that every single small business would surely turn towards the live streaming for promoting their products and brand value. It gives the power to both business and customer to interact about the product and work on any queries that customer has in their mind related to the product.

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Powerful Publishing

Content do all the job either it is a physical form of promotion through newspaper, magazines etc. or it is the social media. The right content which could go reach the customer to compel them in buying the product, it is always welcomed on the social media. This is why the social media websites are now turning into a powerful publishing place where any business could post the content like blogs, informative articles etc. to build a better relation and trust with the users.

Therefore, it can be clearly concluded that marketing is now not limited to the content and is reaching beyond what is called the virtual world. The concept of augmented reality, sharing product stories options,  extra responsive ads, and much more has been featured along the social media marketing which is giving a thrive to the e-commerce based business by helping them to reach every single customer around the globe.

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Ravi Sharma is the Co-Founder & CEO of Webomaze. He is a young entrepreneur helping various businesses worldwide to have a better online presence through a great website, mobile app and strategic digital marketing. He is a traveler and loves to explore new places.

Leveraging eCommerce Using 5 Powerful Social Media Strategies


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