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Leading Your Customers Through the Sales Funnel

Try These Strategies in 2018 to Lead Your Customers Through the Sales Funnel 

A new year presents an opportunity for businesses to evaluate their conversion strategies. Ideally, a business should guide customers seamlessly through the sales funnel, starting with an awareness and interest phase and eventually result in a purchase and potential repurchase phase.

Try these strategies to help increase conversion rates for your business.

Provide Detailed Product Descriptions

Detailed product descriptions can help guide customers through the sales funnel, particularly in the early phases. The interest phase, where consumers demonstrate curiosity by conducting proper research, is an ideal time to engage visitors and keep them on your site. Providing detailed product descriptions and listing the product’s uses — in addition to any relevant sizing charts, materials and dimensions — can help keep visitors on your platform, instead of leading them to choose a competitor.

Give out Coupon Codes 

Coupon codes help tremendously during the evaluation phase when consumers examine various options to purchase a product or service in which they have interest. If they see you’re giving out a coupon and your competitor is not, that presents an incentive for them to go with your business. Early in the year is an especially good time to give out coupons, since directly after the holidays tends to be a slow sales season.

Feature a Live Chat Platform

While shopping online, it’s likely website visitors will have questions. With so much online competition, visitors may opt to try a competitor instead if they have to go through an arduous process to get an answer — such as calling a customer-service center and having to wait on hold. One smart way to expedite the communication process and make leads feel like they are valued is to implement a live-chat system on your website, with an easy-to-notice icon in the bottom left or right corner.

A live-chat option provides visitors the ability to get quick answers to all their questions, regarding anything from shipping to size, helping expedite the sales funnel. Additionally, a chatbot can personalize answers based on the shopper’s buying history, much more quickly and accurately than someone over the phone. Research shows that personalization can help drive sales.

Enhance Your CRM Solutions

CRMs are an excellent way for any business to increase their conversions. Lead-tracking software can help automate business rules and workflow, while also aiding with landing page integration, lead management, and marketing automation. Consider various CRM platforms to help your customer relationship management and drive more conversions as a result.

Harness the Power of Video

Video content helps drive customers through the various stages of the sales funnel, helping cater to preferences for digesting content, ranging from listening to reading and watching. Plus, video helps build credibility, since customers who see the faces behind your brand will establish a more personal connection. Plus, research shows companies using video reduce their sales cycle length by more than four times.

These strategies can help lead your customers through the sales funnel in 2018 and beyond, increasing conversions on a consistent basis.

Byline: Nathan Sykes is a blogger, techie and beer lover. When not geeking out about the latest software update, he can be found cheering on whichever Pittsburgh sports team is playing at the time. To stay up to date on the latest in tech, check out his blog, Finding an Outlet.

Lead Your Customers Through the Sales Funnel



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