Launching Your Brand
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Launching Your Brand

As any job candidate (or job interviewer) can tell you, introductions matter. That first impression, that notice to the world about who you are and what you stand for, is something you can almost never shake.

So what, then, do you do if you’re a new company—especially a startup who may have an unusual story to begin with? How do you increase the chatter and enthusiasm about your business beyond the small circle of friends, family, and investors? How do you make your startup a solid business?

That introduction plan matters. For example, what you’re looking to do is not so much find the people who may be excited about your product. Instead, you want to find people who don’t even know that they need your product. That’s why key influencers who can help move your potential market are essential.

What else can you do to generate startup buzz? This graphic can help.

How to Introduce Your Brand New Company to the World in 5 Easy Steps
How to Introduce Your Brand New Company to the World in 5 Easy Steps

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Customer relationship management, or CRM, is the process of identifying and interacting with your customers to promote a long-term relationship with them. This includes using a CRM platform to incorporate data and metrics to personalize better and streamline the relationship in business and within organizations.

Salesforce is your business’ command center in the form of a customer relationship management platform (CRM). Our solutions work together to manage your sales, marketing, customer service, and more in one central location. We built our platform with our customers and yours in mind, meaning it’s intuitive, personalized, and built to grow with your business.

Launching Your Brand

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