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Latest Trends in Web Development

With the rapid changes happening in the technology, it is becoming essential for web developers to keep their skills polished and in accordance with the changes happening. In the hustle bustle world where every few days a new trend is heard about, it becomes difficult for the developers to keep pace. Every few week a new practice is been witnessed in the web development company in Dubai and the European Union. As a web developer, it is crucial to be updated on the latest trend in order to formulate a development strategy that keeps the offers better functionality to the customers.

Latest Trends in Web Development

This article will assist you in gearing up for the latest trends and technologies that are being used in web development.

  • Artificial Intelligence

The word that is echoes in the world is ‘Artificial Technology’. It is the factor that has made our life easy. There has been tremendous development because of the introduction of cloud computing which provides better access to data for both people and businesses. It is evolving constantly and becoming better, faster and affordable to provide a smooth user experience. The biggest market corporations are trying to discover new ways to innovate their consumer-facing products and services by incorporating AI technology. This will help web developers in sensing the mode of the user while interacting with the website, which provides him with his desired information and fewer errors. This offers them a personalized experience to the user. The chatbots are developed by AI are set to boost the online communication which aids us in shopping, banking and also to arrange a trip.

  • Advancement in JavaScript

JavaScript is being revolutionized due to the advancement that is taking place. Developers need to firmly grasp the on both the framework of Angular and React because of the change occurring in the programming language, and gain nurturance on the framework, technologies, and libraries. It allows developers to work on virtual reality, chatbots and other things that are in demand.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

It is gradually making its place in the technology. These are the non-internet objects which receive and send data to the network such as our smartphones. Developers use applications that use and analyze the data on the device. Many companies are working on the API’s that developers can utilize to communicate with the devices. It provides an opportunity to increase the efficiency along with accuracy. However, the risk of hacking prevails which the web developers have to cater to.

  • GIFs

The new trend of using GIFs on the website is gaining popularity. The developers are using it to build better engagement with the user. The visuality factor in these GIFs makes it more appealing to the user and better communicates the information as compared to plain text. Therefore developers should gear upon these and incorporate these in the website to capture the user’s attention.

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps are used for website provide an application like experience to the user. They can be designed in less time than an application for diversified users. Progressive web apps are comparatively easy to maintain and position. The similar format of progressive web apps as an application is easily acknowledged by the users.

  • Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the future not only for the gamers but for developers as well. Using VR in website fosters innovation and provides a high-level user experience. It provides a three-dimensional view of the website to the user. With the transition of virtual reality in websites, more applications are developing which makes it a strong tool for developers to gear on.

The technological world is adopting a proactive approach in catering the needs of the user. The developers’ mad skills play an eminent role in the work developed. The key factor is to tailor the client’s needs in the best possible way and in accordance with his specifications that is where the success of a developer lies.

Author Bio:

Hina Eni is a professional web designer and developer working for web design agency Dubai.She has a good command of WordPress and PHP. You can follow her on FACEBOOK | TWITTER | LINKEDIN

Latest Trends in Web Development

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