Latest PPC Trends You Should Follow for the Year 2022

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Latest PPC Trends You Should Follow for the Year 2022

Pay-per-click is easy, just put in enough money, and you are good to go. Wrong!

People don’t use the internet the same way they used it years ago. A lot has changed, including PPC.

In this competitive world, you need to make sure that you get the most out of your ad budget. It does not matter whether you are an advertiser, an agency, or a start-up; you need to stay abreast of the fast-evolving PPC world.

With the latest PPC trends and features, you can make sure you stay on the top of the advertisement game in 2022 and beyond. However, the ever-increasing strategies might confuse you at times.

We brought you a listicle of 10 PPC trends to help you in 2022. So keep reading to find out.

10 PPC trends for 2022

If you are looking to ramp up your PPC campaigns, these trends are a must to help:

1. PPC Automation:

The first on our list is PPC automation. It has emerged as a powerful way to improve campaign performance. Big companies like Google have already invested huge amounts into adopting automation options.

To get the best out of PPC automation, you need to help the machines learn the algorithm better. Then, focus on writing good ad copy and setting up accurate conversion tracking. Also, make sure you have identified your target audiences and keywords.

You can pass a lot of work to the machine, saving your time and money. With some hands-on management, automation can help you free up your time that you can use somewhere else.  

2. Evolution of Smart Bidding:

10 PPC trends for 2022 - Latest PPC Trends You Should Follow for the Year 2022
10 PPC trends for 2022

Smart bidding is a machine learning automated controlled bidding system. It uses machine learning to optimize conversions. Some examples are enhanced cost per click, target cost per acquisition, and Target’s run on advertising spending.

As we move into 2022, we can already see manual bidding become a talk of the past. Instead, marketers now are more interested in smart bidding as it will help them focus more on strategies and analytics.

3. Going Social:

10 Benefits of a Social Media Virtual Assistant
10 Benefits of a Social Media Virtual Assistant

People have become addicted to checking their social media accounts. As a result, they spend most of their time scrolling through the news feed. In such a scenario, if you are not targeting social media in your PPC strategies, you might be missing out on a lot.

You can focus on the different social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., and create platform-specific ads.

4. Amazon’s rise into paid advertising:

Amazon’s rise into paid advertising
Amazon’s rise into paid advertising

While Google and Facebook are the leading paid advertising platforms, Amazon has joined the race. They have become the third-largest and fastest-growing advertiser in the world. Since Amazon ads are displayed on and off Amazon, online retailers find it more interesting.

Besides, Amazon’s buyer intent is much better than Facebook and Google. This means you can spend less to get more.

5. Bumper video ads:

Bumper video ads - Latest PPC Trends You Should Follow for the Year 2022
Bumper video ads

Videos are the king of mobile content, and it will be the same in 2022. Video ads have a relatively low cost and are great for business reach and aesthetic appeal.

And with the recent introduction of the bumper machine in Google, you can now turn videos of 90 seconds into bumper ads to display on YouTube. Soon, Google’s vertical video ads will dominate the advertising market, and it’s time that you add these to your marketing campaigns.

6. Audience targeting:

Audience targeting - Latest PPC Trends You Should Follow for the Year 2022
Audience targeting

With Google ads, you get the feature to add target audiences. So, now you can narrow down your preference to whom you want to show your ads. This feature lets you get the most out of your ad budget.

The best part about audience targeting is that you can specify features like the age group or price that your product is targeted at. You can also set ad preferences to exclude audiences you think your services are not apt for. Also, the latest Google ad features to offer you the ability to use keyword targeting and demographic targeting.

7. Increased voice search:

Increased voice search
Increased voice search

The advancement in technology has led to the rise of voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home. As a result, it is estimated that voice assistants would dominate online searches. However, paid voice searches have still not become popular, but soon they will see a bloom.

Till the time, you can level up your ad game by updating your websites and FAQ sections with a more conversational tone and long-tail keywords to make them more visible.

8. Demand for visual searching:

Demand for visual searching
Demand for visual searching

Visual search means using the image for search instead of texts. For example, you may take a picture of a table, and a visual search would show you links to buy it. 

Since people want faster results in a shorter time, so visual search can make the job easy for you.

Who would like to type “blue round table with a metallic body”? Instead, you can have a picture and search for it. Amazon and Pinterest have already added this feature to their platforms.

9. Collaborative filtering:

Collaborative filtering - Latest PPC Trends You Should Follow for the Year 2022
Collaborative filtering

Collaborative filtering allows you to group users having similar tastes and preferences. This filtering can be based on anything from similar age, interests, locations, and other things that could guide them to content that looks most appealing to them.

Collaborative filtering tailors your content according to your recent likes, browsing history, and trending topics.

10. Remarketing:

Remarketing - Latest PPC Trends You Should Follow for the Year 2022

The most common and effective trend is remarketing. You might have seen that once you search for any product and leave the website, you get the recommendation of the products everywhere.

That is what remarketing means, to keep the products fresh in the audience’s mind to make up their mind soon about your products. You don’t need to appeal to your audiences; you have to remind them.

To conclude

As you know, PPC trends are constantly evolving. So, if you want to stay competitive, you need to level up your marketing strategies.

Just ensure that you are always at the forefront of your field, and only because certain things worked for you last year does not mean it will be the same this year. So brainstorm what’s new experiment that works best for you.

Hopefully, our article will help you understand the latest PPC trends better. 

Bhavik Soni
Bhavik Soni

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Latest PPC Trends You Should Follow for the Year 2022

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