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When your business wants to target local people, local SEO is the key to success. If there is no local SEO plan, you cannot appeal to the target audience. The influence of digital marketing has become impossible to discard. Additionally, the changing marketplace calls for new SEO techniques. In this way, marketers can benefit out of online exposure. The chance of fetching more potential customers is not minimal, either.

Generally, a digital marketer keeps an eye on a few signs. Is the Google Review section full of positive ratings? Or, have you taken proximity, domain authority and citations into consideration? Also, you need to focus on the keyword. It should be on the business title because Google may get rid of spams, in no time. Another thing to keep in mind, the review ratings compose of 15% of local ranking factors. There are other aspects that convert mere visitors into customers. That’s why; you need to know all about the latest local SEO techniques. Read on the article further to know more.

Relevant Meta Descriptions Matter

Every online page contains a meta description. When your service page appears on a search engine, there will be a description under the page title. Google has extended its page width to 920px. And, for the maximum limit for mobile devices is 680px. Therefore, the description is 158 characters and 120 characters for the respective mediums.

Local keywords and accurate meta descriptions must not be spamming the result page. The company name should be present along with a call-to-action section.

Now Optimise Voice Search

Smartphone users are benefitting out of the voice search option in recent time. By the next year, voice search will make up for 50% of all searches. People are relying on Alexa or Siri for getting information instantly. However, the result is not accurate most of the time. If you want to target the smart speakers, you should develop a strategy on voice searches.

Here, structured data may be helpful for targeting local audience. Also, focus on a bunch of topics along with keywords. When the content contains long-tail keywords, backlinks to blog posts and good promotion, the content will rank. In the meantime, don’t forget to update the existing content as well.

Request for ‘Google My Business’

For a local business, it is highly important to claim for Bing Places for Business and Google My Business pages. These two free platforms assure unbelievable exposure for optimizing business. Go through the verification business and watch out for the PIN sent via a postcard. Log in by using the PIN to complete the verification. In this way, the search engine can legitimize whether you are a genuine business owner.

Other tricks that top Australian SEO blogs are: improving site loading speed, optimizing social media profiles and maintaining stable NAP configurations. However, your marketing team may fail to integrate all the new techniques. Get in touch with an SEO expert to connect with more local customers easily and witness huge business growth.

Author bio: Finn Alexander is a digital marketing specialist who runs one of the top Australian SEO blogs. Here, he talks about the latest local SEO techniques that every Australian business must consider after having an online presence.

Latest Local SEO Techniques