Last Minute Strategies for Black Friday

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With Black Friday around the corner, eCommerce stores are gearing up for the largest sale of the year. What can you do to have the edge over your competitors? What are the best preparation strategies you can implement for better sales? What are the final-minute changes to be done for having an impactful Black Friday season? 

All these questions and much more are answered in this blog. Be prepared for the massive spike in sales when the shopping spree starts. Consider every possible situation and be ready to deliver the best experience possible for every customer who visits your eCommerce store. 

Keep things simple and effective in your store; Black Friday 2020 will be much more aggressive; the pandemic outbreak will push customers towards eCommerce stores for a safer purchase experience. Expect the biggest spike of sales in your store, be prepared for. 

This last-minute checklist will ensure your eCommerce store’s success, both in terms of sales and customer satisfaction. 

Suit up your eCommerce store for Black Friday 

Customize your eCommerce store for the largest sale of the year. Make changes to your store from a customer perspective to be more effective, optimize every aspect of the operation in your store to impact the Black Friday season. 

The points listed in the article are analyzed and have a proven record of increasing your eCommerce store sale on a Black Friday season. A vital checklist that is mandatory to make the best out of Black Friday season. Better optimized stores with best deals. 

Let your eCommerce store visitors know the deals. 

Analyze and confirm the discounts that you are going to offer in your eCommerce store. Plan out how you’re going to deliver the best deals to encourage customers to complete the purchase. Using a top-performing discount plugin will make that task easier for you. Finalizing the discount that you will offer in your store is not enough; you need to make the customers know that you are offering the best deals. 

Display the discounts along with the product image. A discount badge that will nudge the customer to initiate and complete the purchase. Identify the areas where the purchase will increase based on customer behavior in your eCommerce store and concentrate on products that can intensify your profit margin. 

The deals offered in your store must be attractive, and it should be eye-catching. Remember, there is no overdoing when it comes to displaying deals in your eCommerce store. Whatever page the customer visits in your store, they should see the deals. Make every visitor in your store understand the amount they will be saving with the exciting deals on the Black Friday season. 

Use banner images, pop-ups, bright, unique colors to make the deals you offer stand out. Every visitor to your store must be aware of the deals you offer on the Black Friday season. The discount deals you are offering will heavily depend on the type of your products. Without a wide range of products, you have limited options, and it can definitely drive down your sales. So, equip your store with relatable products; for example, if you provide deals on a pair of shoes, make sure that socks are also on discount sales. 

If you offer a 30% -50% discount on electronics, it must be visible to the customer. You may offer the best deals, but there is no use without the customer knowing about it. Use creative methods to let the visitors to your store know that you are offering the best deals in the digital space. 

Make a note of your Inventory. 

This is a crucial part of getting prepared for your Black Friday sale. Check and keep your inventory updated. Your store will start to lose its credibility and trust among customers when there is no product to deliver after the order is placed. It will start chaos in customer care calls. It should never happen in an eCommerce store, that too during the Black Friday sale. Make sure that your inventory is sufficient for all the anticipated orders. Update your inventory and, based on it, display and deliver the products. 

When you have limited inventory for any particular product, do mention it in your sale badge. For example, if you have only 15 mobile phones of a particular brand left, mention it. It will not only create a sense of urgency among customers but also will help in increasing your store’s credibility.  

Running out of inventory during a Black Friday sale is the worst thing that can happen to any eCommerce store. Image the revenue you will be missing out on if there are no products to sell.  Update the solution you are using to keep track of the inventory and ensure that you are well equipped to deal with the demand.  

Worthy Website for Worthy Results

Expect huge traffic towards your eCommerce store; your website should be able to handle the traffic. Optimize your website to handle the sudden spike in traffic; your eCommerce store should not be slowing down during your business’s crucial phase. Optimizing your website for the Black Friday season will be beneficial in the future also. This update can drastically reduce the loading time of your store in the days to come. Regularly updating your eCommerce store website is a non-stop gift package that will never run out. 

Look out for the following points in your eCommerce store website;

  • Portable device friendly 
  • Efficiency in handling a spike in traffic
  • User-Friendly
  • Simple Navigation within the website
  • A detailed description of products on sale
  • Simple checkout page
  • High-quality images of the products
  • Clear CTA buttons
  • Simple and easy to use UI

These are some of the tips to optimize your eCommerce store effectively. Also, never give too many options for customers to select from because on many occasions, it will confuse the customer and will make them leave your store. When you give customers too many options to choose from, it will drive down your store revenue. 

Just like a retail outlet, your eCommerce store must be simple and easy to navigate. Like employees and boards in retail stores, eCommerce should have the perfect UI. Make your eCommerce store simple and optimize for the best experience that can ever be provided. 

Make your eCommerce store mobile device friendly; the store must be all portable devices friendly. On a Black Friday sale, you can expect large traffic from mobile devices. So better be prepared for it. 

A recent survey indicated that in the last year of the Black Friday and Thanksgiving sale, there was approximately 37% traffic from mobile devices. So don’t miss out on it. Equip your eCommerce website for it. 

Pop-Ups to the Rescue 

Delivering the right pop-up at the right time will ensure increased conversion. Increase your chances of more sales through rightly times pop-ups. With a perfect pop-up plugin for the digital space, you can soar your Black Friday sale to the next level. Reaching a larger audience segment will not be a problem on Black Friday; all you need to do is deliver the perfect pop-up. 

Pop-ups are simple and easy to use, especially to deliver an effective message across a larger audience base. It grabs customer attention effectively. Among all the methods used to grab audience attention, pop-ups are among the top. Use them to convey your message about special deals on the Black Friday sale. With the pop-up, you allow customers to make more purchases. Never underestimate the potential of a pop-up in your eCommerce store

Deliver the right message at the right time through a pop-up, and it will be like a feather added to your Black Friday sale hat. The results it produces are amazing; the records of pop-ups have increased Black Friday sales by many folds. A personalized Black Friday deal based message can make a huge difference. 

To sum it all

The final checklist mentioned above allows you to gain a competitive edge over others in the eCommerce space. Make sure that you thank each customer for their purchase with a customized email, a personalized email that will make each customer become your loyal customer. Before you know, Black Friday will be on your doorsteps. Better be prepared for it; equip your store with the right tools for increasing your sale. Customize and optimize your eCommerce store for delivering the best deals and increasing sales. 

Last Minute Strategies for Black Friday


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