Landing Page Tricks to Boost WordPress Sales
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Landing Page Tricks to Boost WordPress Sales

Landing pages are critical for increasing website conversions and enhancing techniques such as email marketing and PPC.

However, isn’t it more appropriate to direct customers to the landing page rather than using social media or other marketing strategies to do so?


Landing page design is not the same as creating a good site or an email newsletter. It requires more than the recommendations and rules to maximize the page’s growth and drive enough traffic.

To increase your company’s sales, you’ll need to do everything from writing concise copy to launching, testing, and optimizing the page.

So, let’s take a closer look at the tips and tactics you need to know to create a unique and effective landing page design in WordPress.

Tips to Landing Page Optimization for Boosting WordPress Sales

Determine Your Objectives for Landing Page

Like other marketing strategies, landing pages do require objectives to meet. But, undoubtedly, without any goals or visions, there is no reason to get the page designed. 

Furthermore, users leave the site if the landing pages are confusing, losing track of conversions.

Hence, your aim to craft the landing pages must focus on a specific goal of improving the company sales.  

For instance, you can encourage the following activities on your page:

  • Trials
  • Email signups
  • Webinars
  • Downloads of whitepapers or research

Additionally, you will need to create clear expectations for the landing page to assess its performance and reach the objectives. 

For this, you can better have the number of conversions to compare or the number of visitors previously visited. 

Simplify Landing Page Forms

If your page has a form, ensure it seeks the most important information. In the case of email subscriptions or newsletters, assure they’re simply asking for email addresses. 

This is because the more irrelevant information requested, the less likely visitors are to submit the form.

The same applies to the checkout or purchase process. Again, please keep it simple while asking for information for billing or delivery purposes.

Clear CTAs Are Essential

After you’ve determined your objectives, the next step is to create Call-to-Actions. The single most important aspect of every company’s landing page!!

This button may appear to be common, but it has the effect of convincing people to act.

  • Size: Keep the size of the CTA consistent with the content and page layout. That is to say; the CTA should not be too small to see or too large to frighten the visitors.
  • Message: The importance of CTAs is the subject of this message. Also, to improve conversion rates, consider building the urgency of a specific product or service.   
  • Color: The CTA button must vary in color than the background color. Furthermore, the CTAs in the colors like blue, orange, or green have proven to be the most effective. 

Create Clear and Straightforward Content

The material on your page should be clear and straightforward.  

Visitors are obviously interested in what you have to offer because they clicked on your ads or campaigns.

However, just because they’ve expressed interest doesn’t imply you shouldn’t guide them further.

Every phrase or sentence on your page should have a purpose, and the correct CTAs can help you achieve this.

If it doesn’t work, try guiding your visitors to the information they need with few words possible. Also, convince them to reply to the CTAs quickly.

Highlight the Key Information Above the Fold

Do you understand the word ‘Fold?’

For example, traditional newspapers cover the most attractive material on the first page above the fold. This allows readers to quickly scan the headlines and be convinced to purchase the paper.

Similarly, you can keep the important elements above the fold to achieve the same outcome. So said, this is the point at which users can scroll to explore more.

For example, place your call-to-action buttons near the top of the landing page. However, just because the information is provided at the top does not indicate that people will not scroll down. 

It is more difficult than ever because individuals nowadays prefer browsing on their phones and tablets. 

However, you can see a higher number of visitors that are eager to buy from you. 

The reason can be your marketing tactics, or they might have visited your site before.

Utilize Larger Fonts and Small Images

While content is important, minimum visuals generate the appropriate emotions in customers, encouraging them to take the necessary actions.

To begin, only 3-4 images should be used on the page. If image numbers do not constrain you, assure all images are in sync with the copy and convey the correct message or aim.

As a result, you will be able to declutter the page and anything that may prevent the users from taking the right actions. 

In addition to images, using a large text size helps readers focus on the important information.

You can also rely on ideal sentence length to keep up with readability and adjust the font size accordingly.

Use Landing Page Tools 

If you don’t have the funds to employ a web designer or create the landing page yourself, several tools don’t require any coding knowledge.

For example, Unbounce is one of the most user-friendly solutions available, allowing you to create landing pages requiring no technical skills. 

Additionally, this tool provides amazing templates that are both customizable and cost-effective.

Landing Page Testing is Vital

Landing page solutions could not work the same for all the projects. So, of course, it may show results for some but might not be effective for another one.

As a result, creating a good landing page is all about trying and testing.

As we described earlier, people nowadays utilize various devices to browse the internet, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

So, performing A/B testing or comparing two versions of a website becomes crucial.

This way, you’ll be able to identify the perfect version of the page that works on any device and in any situation.

On the contrary, if you do not test your site, you risk losing prospective conversions.

So, I prefer testing the following set of features:

  • CTAs
  • Images
  • Design layout
  • CTA button color contrast and size
  • Headlines

However, ensure to test each of these features separately. Because if you test them all at the same time, you might not be able to determine which one resulted in conversions.

Add Testimonials to Landing Page

It can be useful to let people know that your products or services have benefited other businesses or individuals.

Not only that, but you get to meet new people and tell them about the fantastic results your clients have had.

Testimonials and reviews are the most effective for this. You can ask your clients to make a video tutorial explaining how they loved your services, the outcomes they received, and whether or not they were satisfied with the items or services.

As a result, you will be able to get a competitive advantage.

Ensure Your Landing Page is SEO-Friendly

People use organic search to find websites and landing pages all of the time. 

Perhaps the landing page can serve as your homepage, which means it must show up when someone searches on the SERPs entering your brand’s name.

Also, you concentrate on ranking niche-specific keywords by including them in the headlines, titles, and body of the landing page content.

If you don’t know how to accomplish it, employ professional SEO services for WordPress landing page design. These experts are usually accompanied by designers who match the layout and allow the search engine experts to do their jobs.

Landing Page Load Time is Essential

You can put your full attention to creating a successful and compelling landing page with relevant content and optimized images. 

However, it will be of no use if it takes longer to load. 

Remember that the entire website or a single landing page must load in less than 3 seconds. Otherwise, your users will quit.

With the help of this, you can fix the hassles impacting the speed, further resulting in improved SEO. 

You can use Google PageSpeed Insights to acquire the most important recommendations for lowering page loading time.

Moreover, this will allow you to resolve the issues that are slowing down your site, resulting in enhanced SEO.

Overall, the speed at which your landing page loads is critical, so make sure it loads in a matter of seconds.

Wrapping Up

Optimizing landing pages is indeed a challenging job because there is no established approach other than trial and error to get it done rightly.

However, these pages can be created by keeping in mind the one objective: improving and increasing conversions. 

Additionally, following all of these techniques and ideas will assist you in framing each page element rightly and achieving a compelling website that will drive users to your company. 

You can hire a WordPress Development firm if you want to develop a landing page on the WordPress platform but don’t have any experience with it. They will better advise you and create a page with all of the measures in mind.

Would you mind letting us know whether you plan to create a landing page and its objective in the comments section below?


Emma Watson is a custom WordPress developer and a passionate blogger. Currently, she is associated with WordSuccor – WordPress Development Company in the USA. She is well known for her professional writings and technical blogs. In addition, she loves to share useful information regarding WordPress. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Landing Page Tricks to Boost WordPress Sales

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