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The Best Korean Apparel Websites for International Customers

The growing Korean drama and Korean Pop music fan base is phenomenal. Anyone who is actively on the internet must have come across at least one BTS song already. The Korean aesthetics have now attracted the millennials and the Gen-Zers worldwide so much that they now want to dress up in Korean street fashion. If you already have all the Korean beauty & personal care products and looking forward to adding some Korean clothing to your wardrobe, then you can should out some of the best Korean apparel websites here!

These websites are in English and offer international shipping as well. So grab your basket and get ready for a shopping haul. 

  • Chuu

If you’re one of the delicate, cute, and girly dressers, then Chuu is the place for you. They have cute tops with puffed sleeves and laces, pleats, crochet, flowery prints, and many more. You can browse their store and add the little girly touch to the roughest outfits you own. 

Other than apparel, Chuu offers a lot of other lifestyle items and accessories as well. You can also get some Korean face packs and cushions from there as well. 

They offer free shipping over orders of $100. So technically, you’ll be spending less if you shop more. 

  • Mixxmix

Mixxmix is a well-known Korean brand, but it also sells many other brands as well. Their brand catalog includes many brands such as Heart Club, Lonely Club, and HIDE. 

They offer a wide range of sporty to feminine fashion choices, so there is something for everyone.

If you’re a hardcore K-Pop Stan, then you can also browse through some pre-loved clothing from your favorite K-Pop stars as well. 

So what’s stopping you from dressing up as your favorite K-Pop idol? 

Mixxmix offers free shipping on orders above $200.

  • Dabagirl

Now it’s the professional ladies’ turn to rock the Korean fashion with Dabagirl. 

Dabagirl is one of the best Korean apparel websites for women looking to try out sophisticated and decent Korean fashion. 

You can get coats, pants, and other fashion accessories from Dabagirl. Even though Dabagirl offers variety for professional and mature ladies, it still has the touch of feminity in its collections. 

You can avail of free shipping from Dabagirl by ordering over $69. 

  • Moco Bling

Moco Bling can be easily called one of the most diverse Korean fashion brands. Their ranges are divided into four brands that offer different kinds of fashion accessories and clothes. 

The four Moco Bling brands are:

  1. ILoveMoco
  2. MocoDenim
  3. MocoStreet
  4. MocoIsland

So you will surely find something according to your taste there. Their products are usually feminine and fit with pastel aesthetics. 

Other than the clothing line, Moco Bling also has a beauty line as well. Their beauty line is called Herci, and they offer a variety of products from cheek blushers to lipsticks and a lot more.

  • Blackup

If you’re the kind of person who dresses up depending on the mood, then Blackup is your place to be. It doesn’t matter if your aesthetics are E-girl, minimalistic, or hypebae, or something else; you will find something for yourself here for sure. 

You can check out reviews from previous customers before buying anything to have an idea about the product. 

  • Jogunshop

Until now, we talked about female fashion only. The boys who want to look like an OPPA and steal hearts can visit Jogunshop. 

Jogunshop is like the happy-go-lucky, pretty boy vibes clothing line for the guys or girls who love to dress up from the men’s section. 

Anyhow, Jogunshop offers youthful, neutral-toned, and minimalistic kinds of clothing options.

Wrapping Up! 

These are a few of the best Korean apparel websites that offer international shipping for the K-Stans. Korean fashion does not seem to get out of style soon as it is mostly very minimalistic, and even if it does, you can still wear it for as long as you want! 

The Best Korean Apparel Websites for International Customers

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