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Keys to Motivating Your Team

Rewards and Recognition: The Keys to Motivating Your Team

Keeping your employees motivated, can be a challenge sometimes. If you want your company to be successful, a team of faithful employees is a must. The problem is that if you are not rewarding your employees what they deserve, soon they will prefer to leave you for the place that does appreciate them. Whenever, you are trying to get the most out of an employee, appreciate them. It is the fuel that will keep them going in the long term. Every single employee of yours should know their importance and worth. If they ever get the unworthy feeling, they might leave and then you will have to hire an inexperienced staff. Hiring new people is like starting from the bottom again, you will have to train them while learning they might make some mistakes, that will cost you a lot.  

The question here arises, that how to keep your staff motivated. How can you keep them engaged without giving any extra advantages? How can you increase their loyalty? Here are some answers to your questions: 

  • Appreciation and recognition – If a person is working day and night to progress, they will like to see a fruitful output. This motivation is not going a long way if you stop fueling it. Every person loved to be esteemed and cherished among their coworkers. You can do this by introducing some kind of award for achieving a certain type of goal every month like “employee of the month” etc. To make a person stand out from the rest, you can make engraved plaques and put their name next to the other high achievers. This will work in two ways: one it will help in giving recognition to the high achievers and the hard workers and second, it will motivate other people working among them to work as hard and get personalized plaques too.
  • Why are such steps important? It has been scientifically proven, that if you want to bring out the hidden talents of any human being, appreciate them. Take the example of a lion being tamed, if he is continuity appreciated and awarded with a treat after every lesson, it is guaranteed that he will try to do even better next time. Humans work the same way too. The employees who have been awarded every once in a while tend to be more faithful as compared to the ones who are not. Keep boosting their egos, and they will keep raising your company higher and higher. It is not essential to awarding them a high bonus or pays. You need to make a couple of custom plaques with the employee’s names engraved on them, and they will ask for nothing more.
  • Plaques and awards – It is true that you can praise your employee for its work without paying them money, but it is also true that words only last a few days, after a while it becomes necessary to through some money in. Every employee, even if it’s you and me, looks out for some extra bonuses. No one can keep filling their stomach with words. They need money too. If you do not give extra credit every once in a while, they will lose all the motivation and enthusiasm. It is usually considered that an enormous number of bonuses are required to keep the employees happy, well the reality is quite the opposite. Play with the human psychology. You can make them happy by making small moves, like throwing a small office party to celebrate their work or inviting them to lunch.
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A company needs loyal employees in order to progress, and employees can be made loyal only by appreciation and recognition.

Keys to Motivating Your Team



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