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Joomla Vs WordPress Guide – SEO, Usability, eCommerce, Business And Performance

The CMS (Content Management System) system is a software system which is used to make websites by authorizing, collaborating and administrative tools. It is used to create and manage digital content. The three most popular CMS software are:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal

As all of these have great features for making a website. Let’s check between WordPress and Joomla which is better for SEO, usability, e-commerce, business and in performance.


You have to work on a few aspects if you want to rank your website high on SERP. These are:

  • Right keyword selection
  • On-site optimization
  • Social media strategy
  • CMS

WordPress is the first choice among folks as it is facilitated by a large number of SEO plugins which makes advance SEO a child play. Most popular plugins are Yoast SEO and All in One Pack. It enables to create tags for posts which is not possible in Joomla without the help of an extension. Optimization of permalink structure and set of all metadata for post and pages are convenient in WordPress. You need not be experienced to rank your website high in the ranking while using Word Press.

Joomla developments require a lot of efforts to optimize your website for SEO. But it has the power to rank high if the pages and website are set up properly. You need an experienced developer to optimize your website using basic SEO pack which comes with it. You can add Meta descriptions, Meta keywords, Meta tags and title tag on the page level. You should be very clear that Joomla is not a one-click on-site optimization.


When it comes to usability, Obviously WordPress has beaten the Joomla. As WordPress has simplest and most one click interfaces while Joomla requires navigating the menus which require a developer’s hands.

A survey says that WordPress has captured about 60% of the CMS market. More than 500+ websites build on WordPress every day. WordPress has 37 million Google searches every month. More than 2.6 crore active websites are running on WordPress among them about 2.4 lakh websites score high in the top one million websites in the world. Few of them are BBC America, Time, The rolling, Stones, Beyoncé, etc.

While Joomla stacks 6.6% of share in the CMS market. There are about 20 lakh websites, which use Joomla. About 13 thousand website rank high in the top one million websites in the world. Some popular websites are Holiday Inn Express, UK National Crime Agency, etc.



If you are planning to make an E-commerce website, you need to generate more traffic on your site in order to boost the sales. The best method to attract traffic is blogging. As it improves SEO, built prospective engagement and helps to convert the prospect into a customer. Your CMS can help more to build your brand. WordPress is widely used for blogging.

WordPress and Joomla both are PHP ready CMS. But WordPress is mostly used by small and medium business. An eCommerce website requires a continuous update for uploading new products and content. WordPress offers a variety of plugins which helps in doing so with few clicks. Woo Commerce is a free plugin powered by WordPress. It has more than three million active installations.

While Joomla is a little complex. No doubt Joomla can also be excellent for e-commerce websites,  but it requires some technical skills which a developer must-have. Moreover, Joomla has a big platform for which is not suitable for small companies. Those who need a huge database-driven website with high content can go for Joomla. Hence, it depends on the category of your business.


Both WordPress and Joomla are better options but you need to check, what your requirement is. WordPress is quite user-friendly with plugins but it is more for blogging, news, etc. If your business requirements meet with it go for WordPress.

But if you are a big company and require things like intranet portals and huge database handling Joomla is best for you as it provides the vast platform for your work.


Your website is affected if it will not get a healthy hosting environment. Casually set pages and website also lower down the performance of your website.

WordPress provides popular plugins like W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache to raise the performance of your website. On the other hand, Joomla offers many extensions to boost your website.

As both are equivalent to delivering performance, it’s your choice, which one you select according to your business needs.

Joomla has some oddball ways of navigating the menus and accomplishing simple tasks and still needs some work (although over the years I´ve seen some good improvements).

Jade Gardner is a Marketing Manager a Hire Php Developer. She is a resident of the United Kingdom. Jade is also an experienced Php developer. She also likes to share her thoughts, cms development, Joomla Development Company, and web development techniques.

Joomla Vs WordPress

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