Is Your Shopping Spinning Out of Control?
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Is Your Shopping Spinning Out of Control?

The accompanying infographic, The Psychology of Consumer Spending, provides an overview of consumer spending, emphasizing compulsive purchasing. The infographic offers various statistics: who buys too much, what they purchase, whether they pay by cash or card, and impulse buying statistics. While all that is interesting, what can we take away?

The fascinating parts of the infographic may be the sections about the reasons for compulsive shopping and how our brains react to it. Psychologists think that compulsive buying results from a void in an individual’s life, perhaps stemming from childhood, or the need for approval or excitement or, the simplest explanation yet, a real lack of impulse control.

Regardless of our intention(s), when we shop, we feel good. The reward part of our brain lights up, dopamine floods our system, and we are happy — at least for a while. The problem comes when a person is truly “addicted” to shopping. That’s when the brain begs for more shopping, just like a drug addict’s brain cries out for more opioids or alcohol. It is important to understand that a shopping high is only temporary and will not provide what you really need in the long run.

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Graphic created by Illinois Lending.

Is Your Shopping Spinning Out of Control?

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