Is WordPress Better than Custom Web Development?

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Is WordPress Better than Custom Web Development?

Are you considering taking your business to the next level by creating a robust website? WordPress is an excellent choice for developing top-notch websites for any business. You can create a customized website with top-of-the-line features using the WordPress platform. It is a popular content management system with tons of benefits and features. However, if you want to create a website, you can easily make it from scratch or use WordPress to build the desired website. 

You can also hire the best WordPress developer to create a customized website as per your needs and requirements. But which one is the best choice? Here we will look at each of these choices and then determine which one is feasible for you. So, let’s begin. 

Creating a website on WordPress

Since WordPress is a full-fledged content management system, it has all the features and tools to create a website. Further, it is a user-friendly platform that anyone can use to build a decent website quickly in no time. Thus, creating a website doesn’t require any technical expertise or specific skills because it is done in a few clicks. Moreover, there are many pre-built themes that one can use on a website for an attractive appearance and features.  

Here are the benefits of WordPress web development services:

Low cost

WordPress is an open-source and free content management system, so you need not pay any license fees or buy services to create a site. Therefore, it is a low-cost option for developing websites because you only need to bear the cost of hosting and domain. Further, you can also find different website themes in various price ranges that help you get a cost-friendly template for your site. There are even many free options for website themes that you can use for creating an awe-inspiring website. 

Variety of plugins

A website needs more than an excellent appearance to function well. It should be responsive, SEO-optimized, fast, and mobile-optimized to provide the best user experience. While a lot of functionalities are available out-of-the-box on WordPress, you may need to add more. Having additional functionalities with WordPress is easy by using plugins. There are different varieties of plugins that fulfill various needs. There is a plugin for almost every need. From caching to payments, you can find lots of plugins for varied needs. Many of these plugins are also available for free.

No coding skills are needed.

WordPress is made for people who are not tech-savvy. Indeed, it is an easy-to-use website development platform that you can use for creating top-notch websites without even dealing with a single line of code. You need no coding skills for working with this platform and creating a website. However, you should know how to install WordPress on your server and perform the required configuration. However, this information is readily available through documentation and installation guides. Moreover, you can rely on a WordPress web development company to develop the desired website with custom features and functionalities. 

Search engines love WordPress sites.

Every website owner desires to see their website in the highest position in search engine results pages. However, that’s tricky work, and you need to create your website with search optimization in mind. Luckily, WordPress websites are a preference for search engines like Google because of their structure and code. Indeed, it is fit for search engine crawlers that make WordPress websites SEO-friendly. Your WordPress web development company can help create a well-optimized website that will boost your search engine position.  

Custom WordPress development

One key advantage of choosing WordPress for creating your website is customization. Instead of using an off-the-shelf WordPress theme, you can opt for custom development to create a perfectly matching website for your business. Indeed, WordPress is famous for developing customized websites as per unique client requirements. So, with the customization, you have a unique and perfect website for your business. 

You get the following benefits with a custom theme:

  • Quality is maintained at every step of development.
  • Get rid of options that you don’t need but come with a theme. 
  • Offer complete visual appeal with top-notch features. 

Depending on your requirements and budget, you can select an off-the-shelf or custom theme. However, for a professional and state-of-the-art website, custom themes are the best choice. 

Creating a website with custom web development

The alternative to using any content management system like WordPress is creating a website from scratch. It is the process of where business ideas are turned into functional reality. Here you begin with a basic idea of a website, and then your custom web development company helps you reach the goal. For custom web development, your website development company will start with template creation using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and use other technologies to craft the final product.

When using a CMS like WordPress, there are two sides to the website; the end-users can view and have access to it is called the front-end, the other one that is not visible and users don’t have to is the backend. The admin dashboard is the backend for these websites that is under the control of an admin. However, for custom web development, both of these parts have to be built from scratch. 

Creation of front-end and backend

Front-end and backend are the two sides of a website that make everything possible on a site. Front-end is that side of a website that is not visible to end-users and cannot even access it. Everything from buttons, images, forms, menus and the overall appearance on a site forms the front-end side. It is where the interaction of end-users with a website becomes possible. With custom web development, you need to find a technology partner that can work on the front-end using the technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular.js, React.js, etc. 

Backend is something not visible on a site, and it is controlled and managed by an admin. It is where all the site data is kept, and configurations are done of the site. Therefore, you need to choose a tech partner with backend technologies like PHP, MySQL, ROR, ASP.Net, etc. The backend includes server-side scripting, databases, authorization, etc. 

When creating a website from scratch, you will need to build the front-end and backend. 

Benefits of WordPress development

Greater control

Custom development means that you can create a site that is entirely suited to your needs and have complete control over it. Thus, there is no barrier to website customization and creativity. 

High speed

A custom website typically has a higher speed because they come with absolute optimization. Your technology partner helps to optimize the website with relevant features and optimal performance. 

Stringent security

You will have a highly secure website if you go with custom web development because of the stringent security measures implemented on the site.

Verdict: WordPress or custom web development

The choice of WordPress vs. custom web development depends on numerous factors, including your budget, business scale, and needs. Custom web development does bring lots of benefits but at a high price. It is expensive compared to WordPress development. Further, WordPress is a robust CMS with great benefits, and you can build a top-notch on it by harnessing it’s potential close to what you get with custom development at a lower cost. Custom web development is a wise choice for big enterprises that can afford to invest a lot of money. Hence, WordPress is the right choice for the best quality solution with a comparatively lower budget. 

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Is WordPress Better than Custom Web Development?

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