Is This the Right Time to Have an Urbanclap Clone for Your Business

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Is This the Right Time to Have an Urbanclap Clone for Your Business

Imagine a situation you have started a handyman business as a sole proprietor with a few clients. However, within a couple of years, demand for your services has been increasing, and most of the existing clients are recommending your services to other people. Today, you have more than fifty employees and 500+ happy customers. Then someone might ask you what the reason behind this exponential growth is. 

You smirk and answer how a fully-featured online service application like Urbanclap helped you earn revenue and expand your customer base. It means you explain to everyone how an UrbanClap clone for your business opened up the opportunity to acquire many clients and increase revenue. 

Indeed, the on-demand business is booming, and entrepreneurs globally are welcoming this trend as it has the potential to open up new doors for their local and offline businesses. However, some entrepreneurs still wonder if it is now the right time to have an Urbanclap clone? The reality is that there is no definite answer to the question of when a local service business owner should consider having a digital solution. 

Customers’ inclination toward online services is increasing. UrbanClap is one of the most popular and successful Indian marketplace apps that allow people to find reliable and trusted service providers on their smartphones. From plumbing to home cleaning to repairing to carpenters to beauty services, Urbanclap has made life much easier for urban people and local service providers. 

What is Urbanclap? Know the Basic Details About the Brand 

Based in India, Urbanclap is the fastest growing startup that provides the services to hire people for almost every regular service; we can also claim that Urbanclap allows the users to find the professionals and hire them to their doorsteps for the various services like gardening, beauty, plumbing, wedding or event planning, etc. 

A group of three people introduced Urbanclap in 2014 to connect customers with online service providers. Currently, the platform has more than 25000 professionals serving more than 17 cities, lists more than 107 services, and boasts 50,00,000 happy urban customers. 

At this present time, Urbanclap is one of the services that provides most of the on-demand services to customers with real-time tracking features.

What is Urbanclap Clone?

Urbanclap clone is a readymade app platform with certain advanced features and connects professional service providers and users looking for household services. In addition, the on-demand app renders services that build a bridge between the service providers and customers. 

One research has stated that on-demand users spend an average of $57.6B annually. These figures reflect that this is the exact time to plunge into your Urbanclap clone without any second thought. It saves time, proves to be more cost-effective, and allows entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level. 

In short, digital solutions for your offline business can do wonders for you. But, now that you are an entrepreneur, you might think about how to make Urbanclap money and what are the advantages one gets from developing an Urbanclap clone? Let’s discuss these topics in our next sections. 

How Does Urbanclap Make Money?

Urbanclap is one of the most popular on-demand multi-service apps, which is now helping many people by providing various services; on the other hand, it assists different people by providing them employment without roaming around. 

Urbanclap offers too many services to users, so it is obvious that it does not rely on a single revenue source. So let’s discuss how Urbanclap makes money?

  • From advertisement – The brand does promotions or advertisements for third-party products. 
  • Commission for each service- The company gets a commission on each successful transaction.
  • Sponsored ad: The service provider has to pay some amount of money to the admin for a featured listing or to keep themselves on the top of all searches

Benefits of Developing Urbanclap Clone 

The pride in setting up your on-demand service app lies in how you plan and execute it. Now, you have realized this is the right time to get out there and plunge into your on-demand service sector. Here we will discuss what kind of major benefits entrepreneurs avail from having an Urbanclap clone. 

Is This the Right Time to Have an Urbanclap Clone for Your Business