Is SEO Still Worth the Investment in 2019?

If we ask the question, “What is SEO?” Different experts would respond to it by their way of understanding it and how they work it, rather than a formal definition in itself.

But, regardless of the exact definition, if you have a website and want more and more people to find it and see it, all you should focus on, is to optimize your site.

However, before you expect your site to be optimized, you must ensure that it is interesting and authoritative because search engines only tend to show such pages in their search results. It’s that simple! Hence, it is your job to create “authority pages”

One of the ways to create such pages is writing creative content that people find interesting and useful because that is what is shared in blogs, feeds and over time, search engines tend to be judicious and prudent on these.

Coming back to the original question, is paying for SEO worth it?

There are three important factors to consider before determining the answer.

How can SEO enhance your business

SEO is not a trump card to directly increase your revenue. Rather, it is a strong indirect cause that can help generate it more. All it does is, it maintains traffic to your site appropriately in search engines. The relative and interesting the content, the more optimized the site is and hence, the more frequently it appears in search engines.

IS it better than organic traffic?

Some people prefer quicker traffic to their site, irrespective of the fact that whether their content is strong and relevant enough to what their site is offering. SEO is time taking. When you carry out SEO, you’re basically racing for popularity among the millions of pages that have gone online simultaneously.

However, if you prioritize speed, then PPC is what you should consider. So in this case, it may be a better choice. Having said that, PPC will stop gaining leads for your business as soon as you stop tossing money at it!

How much does the investment cost?

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SEO is a selling point for your company/business. You enhance the latter by creating a website and relatable content for it to thrive and grow. Your investment in SEO will generate prosperity that holds tight to your company.

The amount ranges from 300$ to 6000$ per month, depending upon your business goals, lifetime value of your customers and your marketing budget organization.

Growth Hacking, a parallel alternative or substitute?

In the online marketing community, SEO and Growth Hacking are the two common phrases used most frequently, sometimes interchangeably. However, the two terms distinctly differentiate.

Growth Hacking is the usage of innovative technology to quickly reach your marketing goals, usually employed by startups that need growth in a short span of time with relatively small budgets. The aim is to acquire as much audience as possible and build a name online quickly. “It was originated by Sean Ellis, founder, and CEO of GrowthHackers, in 2010 to enable people to make use of marketing opportunities that obtains better results in significantly less time.  

Is SEO Still Worth the Investment in 2019?

Sean Ellis, founder, and CEO of GrowthHackers

This technique requires a growth hacker to use different platforms like online blogs, social media sites, and online forums. The goal is more growth at lower cost in a short time.

However, a growth hacking tool kit or many toolkits are employed by growth hackers. Some of them are Colibri.io, Qualaroo, Outbrain, ListBuilder, and ClickToTweet.

With these tools, one can make his growth hacking more organized and goal oriented.

On the other hand, SEO effectively builds a scalable infrastructure that applies to tens of thousands of pages. Most of the SEO theory on the web is focused on ranking for just 5-10 keywords

Conclusively, to answer the original question is SEO worth the investment, yes it is a valuable and beneficial investment. It will do wonders for your business for a long duration of time. Unlike ads, the effects of SEO are for a longer time. They won’t suddenly stop if you stop paying them. And of course, to retain that top ranking, you will need a little aftercare and if you can get that top spot chances are it will be quite difficult for it to get taken away.

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Is SEO Still Worth the Investment in 2019?

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