Is Product Owner a Good Career Option?

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A product owner is a person who is a part of a software development team while using scrum or agile methodologies. The product owner is the one who takes customer feedback and suggestions from the end-users and reports it to the development team. It acts as an intermediary between the development team and the customers. This is the product backlog that is used further to prioritize the user requirements. He is responsible for resolving any queries between the development team and the customers regarding the product release.

Wondering what the other responsibilities of a Product Owner are? Then, read out the rest of the article to determine why taking up CSPO Certification Training will benefit you for this role in the long term.

A career as a Product Owner

A product owner has the following responsibilities:

  • Product backlog

The product backlog serves as a medium of communication between the customers and the team of developers. It is an essential function of a product owner. According to the customer requirements, the product backlog must be updated regularly to keep track of them. The requirements must be allocated to the priorities as per their urgency level. Also, making a schedule and sticking to that is another critical task. Keep in mind that the sequence of all the activities regarding the development process be appropriately followed. Lastly, the product backlog must be made available to all the stakeholders since it will help make them aware of the development activities.

  •  Development stages

As the product owner acts as a medium, he should be involved in all the development stages of software development. So the development team should keep them updated with all the activities pursuing the development. It will be beneficial for both the product owner and the developers to synchronize their tasks, the failure of which may lead to unexpected losses.

  • Acting as the primary point of contact

For smooth implementation of the development processes and product delivery, the product owner must ensure that the customers are equally interested in product development and that the feedback and suggestions must be taken seriously. In addition, continuous monitoring and communication to the development team must occur at regular intervals.

  • Communicating customer vision

The product owner needs to interact with the customer and do all the possible research. This will help in brainstorming the additional aspects of the developmental process. Therefore, the product owner must have a clear perspective of the customers’ goals and objectives, striving towards their vision. Most importantly, communication should be effective between all the development team members, scrum master, project team, and management professionals.

  • Evaluation of progress

The product owner acts as a liaison for the development team, and therefore he must be able to monitor the progress of the development lifecycle. He must review and suggest any changes or improvements that can be made to the development process.

According to Payscale, the average salary of a product owner is ₹1,532,753. The top companies hiring product owners are Siemens, Honeywell,, Mindtree consulting, SAP labs India.

The CSPO certification

CSPO stands for Certified Scrum Product Owner – a Scrum Alliance certification. It aims to certify those professionals who prove their excellence in Scrum, an agile framework that enables cross-functional teams to deliver projects in incremental portions.

The CSPO is for those professionals who have a keen interest in leadership and work on the development team’s managerial functions.

The CSPO certification doesn’t examine certifying its individuals. Instead, the professional must attend the certified scrum trainer (CST) course or private coaching from Certified Agile Coach (CAC). The live online training is 14 hours or 16 hours of in-person training with CST. Another option is 25 hours of face-to-face interaction with your CAC. After completing the course, you will need to agree to the license agreement’s terms and conditions and complete your scrum alliance profile.

The next step is to maintain the CSPO certification by earning the Scrum Education Units (SEU) and renewing your certification every two years.

The CSPO will help you deliver enhanced product results by speeding the processes’ delivery, leading scrum teams, communicating your project features to the development team and clients, and maximizing project ROI.

The job roles are business analysts, product owners, product owners, product managers, higher management, or anyone interested in managerial positions.


One thing to keep in mind while applying for CSPO is that it will expose you to managerial roles in your organization. It will help you obtain a leadership position in agile developer teams. This will help you expand career opportunities across various industries. This will maximize the value of your team’s work and resulting products. Most importantly, this will help you learn agile frameworks and concepts. It will connect you with the global community of agile practitioners committed to continuous improvement. Also, you are aware of the opportunities and salary packages provided by CSPO certification. So the next step is learning the agile and scrum framework. Enroll yourself in a course that will be helpful for you in your busy schedule.

Is Product Owner a Good Career Option?

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