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Interactive Content is the Future of Content Marketing

Along with the technology, business and marketing have evolved too. Your potential customers don’t want to see the same old boring static content they were served 20 years ago. Nowadays, nobody likes being “sold to”. What they want instead is being engaged, educated, and guided – and this is where interactive marketing kicks in.


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Interactive marketing is a 1-to-1 approach to marketing that focuses entirely on the customer by reacting and changing based on their individual needs and actions. This type of marketing revolves around marketing efforts triggered by each individual’s behaviors and preferences.

According to marketers, interactive marketing can have a much more significant effect than the traditional marketing forms. In fact, a whopping 93% of marketing professionals agree that interactive content is extremely effective when it comes to educating your buyers.

Before we go into more detail on the benefits of using interactive content (and why interactive content is the future of content marketing), let’s first briefly define interactive content and examine some of its most popular types.

What is Interactive Content?

Interactive content, as its very name suggests, is the type of content that engages the user, asks them to actively participate, and enables them to interact with the content. From a marketing perspective, interactive content is important because it enables marketers to profile and segment their leads so as to speed up their progress down the sales funnel.

Now that we’ve briefly defined interactive content, let’s make a short overview of the most popular types of interactive content among content marketers.

Different Types of Interactive Content

Some of the most commonly used types of interactive content are online quizzes, surveys, polls, calculators, interactive videos and websites, games, and more.


Online quizzes are one of the most popular forms of interactive content, loved by marketers and regular users alike. While internet users find quizzes to be a fun and engaging way to spend their time online, marketers see them as powerful lead generation tools.

With the right quiz creation software, everyone can make their own quiz in just a few steps. If you’re looking to create one, check out this comprehensive quiz maker guide covering every single aspect of quiz creation.


Surveys and polls are those types of interactive content most commonly used to obtain people’s opinions or feedback on a certain topic or issue. Those are particularly useful to marketers because they enable them to collect data and analyze it in order to take the next actionable step in their marketing strategy.


A calculator is one of the most popular forms of interactive content because it provides your users with that feeling of instant gratification. It’s both relevant and showcases your product’s benefits. Marketers use calculators both as lead magnets and a means of selling their services.

Interactive Videos/Websites

Interactive video has recently become an integral part of many major brands’ content marketing efforts. It’s particularly effective when it comes to grabbing your users’ attention and engaging with them. In addition, live video is described as one of the top social media trends to observe in 2019.

Both interactive videos and websites are effectively used in marketing storytelling. As they often contain clickable elements, the viewers are able to interact with content and affect what they see, in which order, and so on.

3 Main Benefits of Using Interactive Content

1. Drive awareness and increase brand loyalty

Due to its share-worthy nature and great virality potential, one of the main benefits of using interactive content is the fact that it can do wonders for your brand awareness and loyalty. As a matter of fact, a CMI survey on the use of interactive content has shown that 81% of marketing professionals assert that interactive content is more effective in terms of grabbing the users attention than static content. In addition, 79% of them assert that interactive content is more effective in terms of exposure and customer retention.

2. Increase engagement

Online users just love to engage and be engaged with. And there are few better ways to engage with them than interactive content. Let’s take quizzes as an example. They are fun. They are engaging. They are omnipresent.

In fact, if you were to go to your Facebook feed right now, you’d be likely to find a hilarious quiz result or two being shared and commented by your friends and followers.

3. Capture (more targeted) leads

As already discussed above, due to its highly engaging nature, interactive content can get you more leads than the traditional content. More importantly, interactive content helps generate highly targeted leads.

Not only can interactive content help you capture more leads, but it can also help double your conversions (compared to passive content).


Due to its high effectiveness, relatively low cost, and numerous benefits stated above, it’s clear that interactive content is the place to be if you’re looking to advertise and sell your products and services online in 2019.

Interactive content is not only the future but also the present of content marketing.

Interactive Content is the Future of Content Marketing

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