Integrating WordPress with Popular Email Marketing Platforms

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Are you looking for the best WordPress email marketing tools? Considering the social media prevalence and the speed at which it spreads information, you will likely think email marketing is an old idea. On the contrary, the research statistics show that email marketing is alive and well. If you are not using it for your online business, you could miss out on conversions. Luckily, starting up with email marketing is not difficult. This is because most of it is usually automated when you select the right platform. There are many platforms from which you can choose, but it is vital to carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages that will help you pinpoint the ideal one.

This article will discuss different email marketing platforms best for the wp site care to integrate with WordPress. Hopefully, they will help you in narrowing down your selection.


It is one of the best email marketing platforms you probably have heard about. A free plan offers you essential marketing features to create emails and scheduling. What makes Mailchimp an outstanding email marketing tool is its unique smart feature that offers you valuable audience insights to optimize your efforts in marketing. Although the platform is mostly geared for small businesses, its tools are usually used by many large-scale companies.

Its main email-related features include; an easy-to-use email builder, automated emails, and built-in analytics for monitoring. To integrate this platform with word press, all you need to do is install and activate mail chimp for the word press plug-in.

Email octopus

It is a straightforward email marketing platform that runs on your Amazon SES infrastructures. Unlike other free email marketing platforms, it is a free plan that provides you with a few features. Its, however, allows many emails every month, unlike many other email marketing tools. With the email octopus, you send several emails from different email addresses as you want. It is a perfect solution for small agencies that represent other brands. Also, it integrates well with word press and other apps; thus, you can jointly exchange the customer’s information between the two platforms.

Mail poet

It is a word press newsletter plug-in that offers easier integration. Instead of integrating it with a third party, you can send emails directly from your website. It is vital to note that in some situations, using your website’s server for email can overload it and lead to its slowdown. However, some hosts have got restrictions that help in preventing you from overusing the website server for email. It is advisable to do enough research before choosing these platforms for better results.

Campaign monitor

This is yet another platform the exclusives deal with email marketing. Depending on your strategies, it helps set the website apart from other options, whether it is doing it or not. For example, the platform helps you apply custom branding of different email templates. Also, it aids in the creation of sign-up and personalized content.

Constant contacts

This is yet another platform with a lot to offer in your social marketing and advertisement creation.  It helps customize the pre-built email templates, automation, and tracking the open links for email marketing. However, it is essential to note that there is only one official constant contact word press platform with a three-star rating.


Email marketing is relevant as a key to successfully promoting your business website. Choosing the best email marketing platform will help you automate spreading brand awareness. From the platforms discussed, mail chimp is the most popular solution for the word press users due to its flexibility covering all your basics in digital marketing. It is evident, if you have a word press site, you will want to be for email marketing campaigns. The use of the right email marketing tool can help you manage subscriptions, create emails, track the site’s analytics, among many more from your website.

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Integrating WordPress with Popular Email Marketing Platforms

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