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Instagram Vs. Tumblr: A Showdown between the Two Giants!

Instagram and Tumble are two of the leading contenders in photo-sharing platform. Being the two giants in social media marketing, they are pitted against each other for their efficiency and use. Both of these social media websites are known for the phenomenal numbers of users that sum up to more than a billion.


Instagram has a simple interface which is one of the reasons for its immense popularity, while Tumblr is a microblogging website that allows the users to share their photos along with a description and hashtags. For those people who draw parallels between these two giants in photo-sharing websites, we are going to do a comparative analysis in this article. Here it is:

  • Introduction


Instagram launched in 2010 as an iOS mobile app for sharing photos and pictures. Popular among the teens and people in early 20s, Instagram provides them a more entertaining way to share their photos with the world.

Instagram provides its users with a visual medium to share their story. It is great for promoting any brand or its services as it enables the online businesses to position their brand by striking the visual senses of the users. Today, it is available for free for Android, Windows, and iOS.


Launched in 2007, Tumblr is a microblogging website that uses the imagery to share a story. Unlike Instagram, Tumblr is more like a blogging thing which adds a personal touch to the users. However, this doesn’t make it any less viable for businesses and brands as they too can use this networking site to promote their products and services.


For businesses, Tumblr serves as a website that users can customize for their brand. The users can even create a unique URL that they can share with the visitors of their profile.

  • Purpose


Instagram is both fun and resourceful tool. For the laymen, it provides an exciting way to share their memorable moments, while it gives a more engaging way for the businesses to promote their brands. It is primarily used by teenagers to post their best shots. Instagram is dominated by both male and female who use it to share their favorite snaps.


Tumblr is a microblogging website which makes it more versatile than Instagram. You can use this social media networking channel to share text, images, links, videos, and anything that can excite the viewers. It is primarily used by millennials who find it a more personalized way to engage with their audience.

For businesses, Tumblr offers a more customized way to promote their products. A business account on Tumblr allows you to change the visual settings of your page and you can even create a customized link, making it a more viable option for the online businesses. The companies can roll out their products, share their office culture or even show the making of their products.

  • Features


Instagram has a user-friendly interface that can be used easily by a newbie. The highlight of Instagram is its geotargeting visual power solution tool. It empowers the users to edit the apps. It also features geotargeting hashtag which enables the users to filter their search according to the location of the users.

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In terms of functionality, Instagram only offers you options to create and edit your photos. However, a number of third-party applications are using this tool for various purposes.


Tumblr runs like a blogging tool with the only exception that it has only a few characters to share your story. Just like a blogging website, it features a dashboard where users can publish their posts and edit their profile, such as changing the appearance of the page, revising the format of text or modify a picture.

In addition, you can integrate your Tumblr account with other social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. So every time you publish a post, it will also simultaneously publish on other social sharing sites. It also has an instant messaging facility which allows the users to chat with fellow bloggers on Tumblr.

The Bottom-line…

Both Instagram and Tumblr have their set of features and functionalities. Instagram provides a hassle-free way to publish text, images, and videos, while Tumblr gives you a podium to share your story with multimedia content in a more personal way. So you should use the tool that befits your particular requirements.

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Instagram Vs. Tumblr: A Showdown between the Two Giants!

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