Instagram Hacks to Boost Your Health and Wellness Business

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These days, leveraging social media is smart to grow your healthcare business, improve brand image, and attain new clients. Instagram is the best visual site to take your business to the next level, and IG helps your healthcare center to communicate via high-definition photos and videos.

Did you know that 6 out of 10 online adults do have accounts on Instagram? It means more than 800 million existing users, and out of this, 500 million users are active on this visual platform every month.

According to an article published on, among the several tips for marketing via Instagram, the first thing you need to do is have an optimized Instagram bio to grow your business: Here are three tips to boost your health and wellness business on Instagram in 2020:

Be yourself and show your persona on IG.

You need to be yourself and show your human side on Instagram. The visual site allows you to share content that shows your persona, making you one-off and special to reach out to your potential clients.

You can inject persona into your IG profile in many ways. These are:

  • Integrate elements that show something special about your healthcare center on IG.
  • Consider your followers like a community, not merely Instagram followers. All your followers are genuine people who would like to opt for your health and wellness services.
  • Reach out to your followers and reliably connect with them on your Instagram feed or through the stories feature on IG. Remember that your potential customers and followers would want to relate to you.
  • Be real, be personal, and do not hesitate to do so. It’s your business you want to promote on Instagram  Marketing Tools, but you are a human too and not just a health professional when you communicate with your audience. Therefore, post behind-the-scenes visuals of your wellness facility and not just nutrition facts.
  • It would be best if you cultivated relationships with your followers you gain on Instagram. Please make sure you reply to their queries and comments to make the conversation move forward.

Use the most popular and relevant hashtags.

When you use the most popular and relevant hashtags related to your health and wellness facility, it will radically boost your followers’ number and likes on IG. These people will view your Instagram posts. With stunning visuals, you should also learn how to buy 20 Instagram likes and increase it further eventually to build engagement.

Instagram will let you use up to 30 hashtags and make sure you use all of them to pique follower interest, who would become your customers in the days to come. Choosing the best hashtags requires some trial and error, and when you enter the hashtags, a list of the relevant ones will pop up. This helps you to figure out which hashtags to use.

Use these hashtags with a considerable number of your Instagram posts but not too many of them, not more than 30. People see your IG content and show interest when looking for a topic, but do not make your posts oversaturated with too many hashtags.  Oversaturation will not help because people cannot find you.

You can use hashtags like #healthcoach, #nutritionist, #healthyfood, #healthtrainer, and related ones.

Offer something valuable to your IG followers.

When you post health-related images on Instagram, ask why your followers would like to see those photos and not that of your competitors. Are you posting pictures to share useful information or just for the heck of it? If your photos convey information, keep posting regularly on Instagram, and if not, modify your social media strategy.

Post-high-definition pictures of healthy foods: There is no need to share pictures of every food you eat. Then, if you have a penchant for healthy salads, you can take a quick snapshot of a healthy salad platter and post the same on IG. Your followers will see that your salad contains green vegetables, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, broccoli, avocado, and so on. You can also post pictures of healthy garlic herb chicken salad together with fresh greens.

Share pictures of your healthy recipes: Post pictures, better videos of the methods you use to prepare healthy recipes to stay fit. You can focus on the healthy ingredients used in your recipes in a short IG video.

Include a positive quote: Post health-related quotes together with your Instagram photos of foods. Your followers and clients will appreciate the positive messages you share with each of your salad or soup recipes or what protein shake to include after a workout session.


These tips will give you some idea of how you can improve your health and wellness business, increase likes, and gain more followers. If you are a nutritionist or a personal health trainer, these ideas are sure to help you.

Instagram Hacks to Boost Your Health and Wellness Business

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