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Buying Followers on Instagram and show them how to use Instagram for shopping during COVID-19

A new way of life is emerging as the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps across the world; people and businesses find it hard to adjust to the modern lifestyle. Companies worldwide focus on their customer’s and employees’ health, safety, and wellness as their topmost priority.  Due to total disruptions in conducting business, traditionally, companies face significant challenges in the complex climate to keep in touch with consumers and customers.

More and more companies are taking to social media by creating accounts and then getting ready to buy followers on Instagram to take the first step in staying connected with customers. However, it is far from easy to accomplish the task by choosing the appropriate actions. Here are some of the ways to do it.

Buy followers on Instagram to expand business digitally.

Accepting the new reality of life that centers around physical distancing, businesses are searching for new ways of communicating with people and communities creatively using digital platforms. Instagram has earned the confidence of people in staying connected during difficult times. It can help businesses stay relevant by giving customers and followers the things they love during uncertain times. It means bringing communities to the moment and offering new opportunities for shopping online by staying away from physical stores.  Businesses can entertain and educate customers on Instagram with an interactive video experience.

Instagram Live can bring the community together.

Connecting with people online is the way forward during the time that demands maintaining physical distance among people. Be creative in using Instagram for online events like Q&A sessions that can educate and entertain people. Live sessions’ popularity is evident from the doubling of Facebook and Instagram Live within a week in Italy. To attract maximum viewers for your Instagram Live session, tease it on Feed and Stories, and post your live video to Stories to show up for 24 hours before going live. You can also save your video and upload it to IGTV. For example, Olive & June, the nail polish brand, shares manicure tips and asks viewers what they want, like nail challenges, free shipping, etc. They are also hosting live manicure boot camps. Anomalie, a custom wedding dres’ company, is going Live to talk about how to deal with a canceled wedding.

Encourage online shopping

Even if you are not an e-commerce company, make changes to your business setup and offer them online shopping options while finding the required information on Instagram. Connect your business to Instagram without creating a business account to ensure that your business website URL appears in your Instagram bio. You can use Instagram to notify the changed business hours if you have a new operation schedule during COVID-19. You can also convey your offer for gift cards to your customers by using Instagram so that they enjoy later while supporting your business now.

To facilitate people to shop your products directly from Feed & Stories, you can use shopping bags. The action will make your products populate in the Profile Shop so that they can browse the products to look for what they are interested in while on the Profile Page of your brand.

How to set up Instagram shopping

  • To become eligible for using Instagram shopping, you must have an Instagram business account connected to a Facebook page, be a seller of physical goods, and your business must have a physical address in a supported market besides complying with the commerce policies of the platform.
  • Connect your Instagram business profile to a Facebook catalog by using a catalog manager, the DIY method that allows you to connect to an existing catalog or create a new one. If you want help, approach a certified Facebook Partner to do the job for you.
  • After connecting your account and catalog, sign up with the Instagram app for Shopping. Tap Business in your profile setting, followed by tapping on Instagram Shopping. On completing the steps, submit your account for review, which takes a few days or longer. On obtaining approval, you will receive Instagram notifications and complete the setup by going to Settings in Shopping. You are now ready to tag products in your stories and posts.

Create your first shopping story or post

Your shop is now set up and ready to transact your business on Instagram. Start by adding product stickers and tags to your Instagram Stories and Posts. Start creating a post regularly and add a product from your catalog by tapping on Tag Products. A single video or post can feature up to five products. For multi-image posts, you can add 20 products.

You can also add product tags to your old posts on your business profile. One product for one story is the norm for featuring products in Stories.

Instagram for Shopping during COVID-19

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