Influencer Marketing: Dos And Don’ts

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When it comes to traditional digital marketing, everything has become common, and businesses worldwide try their hand at it. Due to these reasons and saturation of marketing strategies, companies are moving more towards influencer marketing. Influencer marketing involves using people of influence to bring in customers for a business. These people can either be celebrities, social media celebrities, bloggers, or people who hold great value in a community. However, this marketing route is not always easy to follow. Certain things need to be considered when using this form of marketing for your business.

The digital market is changing with every passing day. More and more people have started to use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and these online places are dominated by influencer presence. A good idea to bring more customers to your business would be to link it with influencers present on social media platforms. If you are someone who is looking to use this type of marketing strategy for your business, then this article will be beneficial to you.

The following are the dos and don’ts of influencer marketing that should be followed for an effective influencer marketing strategy:


Have a Plan or Strategy

Always have a plan or a strategy when working with an influencer. It can range from something like a social media account takeover, where you allow the influencer to take control of your brands’ social media page and posts things. Or it could be something as simple as guiding people to your business’s website. A good idea would be to be transparent and state to the influencer what you want them to accomplish for you.

For example, you should clearly state directions to the influencer about driving traffic to your website or social media page. It could either be through a hashtag or a URL. If that is the case, then state the URL correctly to avoid any mistakes. Try to update your website and make it more attractive not to close their browsers once directed to your business website. However, if you live in Australia, there are many ways to do website marketing in Adelaide. A quick search on the internet will give you thousands of choices, and you can use these results to choose the right type of website creation services.

Find The Right Influencers

The first step you need to take for an effective influencer marketing strategy would be finding the right influencer for your brand. Merely focusing on influencers that have a high number of followers cannot always yield positive results and can sometimes be a complete waste of time and energy on your part. So what should the right influencer possess?

They should be active on social media, blogs, and email. It should be someone who would reply to people’s requests and questions about your products on time and not keep them waiting. The right influencer would know what they are doing. To keep track of such a thing, keep an eye on their activity on social media. Moreover, he/she should be relevant to your business; for instance, if you’re from the food business, it would be ideal to opt for a food blogger rather than someone whose content is only relevant to fashion.

Re-use Influencer Social Media Content

One of the most significant advantages of working with an influencer is the availability of good quality media content. Ensure that you re-use whatever social media or blog posts the influencer has posted for you in the past. You must be thinking to yourself why you would use the same content over and over again.

There can be many positives to repurposes content. It reduces the burden of creating new content over and over again. If your influencer marketing campaign was a success, you know that it works because the content was of exceptional quality. Although some tweaks and additions may be required, it will significantly reduce the need for creating new content time and time again. Another positive of repurposing old content is that you know the audience that responded positively to it. It also generates brand recall and recognition.

Pay The Influencers

Try to work out a fee with your choice of an influencer if you want them to stay interested in posting about your services or products on their social media feed. Nobody will market your products for free, be it an online marketing service or an influencer. However, it is something that can be negotiated and tailored according to your budget. So go ahead and discuss it with your influencer if you haven’t done it already.


Avoid Taking Complete Control

You are hiring an influencer for a reason, so a good idea would be to allow them to have a say in your marketing strategy. They probably know better about the audience and the content they generate from them. If you are in contract with an influencer you like, it will not be wise to control their content. They know better what they have to say to their followers to convince and buy your products and services.

However, you don’t want to give them complete control over everything. It would be best to share guidelines with them on how you want the content to be presented to people and what you want to convey. Just let them handle content creation.

Don’t Miss Out On Small Value Influencers.

Influencers that have a small following, around 5000-50,000, should not be missed out on. They will be useful to you when you want to convey your message to an organic audience. Small influencers engage themselves with audiences that follow a niche, and they have a very high engagement rate with their followers usually.

They are also usually perceived by their followers as genuine and authentic compared to influencers with millions of followers. Most of the people amongst these millions of followers have just followed them just for the sake of following a well-known personality.

Don’t Miss Out On Influencer Traffic.

One of the most common things that you should avoid doing is not taking advantage of the influencer’s traffic on their social media page. Your social media page should be ready to make specific changes to let new eyes remain interested in your brand. It is all about whether you are giving these followers a reason to stay on your page or not.

A good idea would be to keep an eye on the social media page’s activity log. It will give you a better idea of what the visitors click on the most. Use this information to make specific changes to your social media page so that the traffic you get from the influencer does not get wasted.


Many marketing strategies can be used to get the amount of traffic your business requires. However, not every strategy or technique will work out. You have to do some research to find out what strategy will work for your business. If you have an online business, then influencer marketing will be of great benefit to your business. If you own a physical shop and don’t have a website or social media page, you should opt for other marketing strategies like banners and billboards. So, following the above-discussed aspects of influencer marketing, you’ll be able to have a successful campaign, as it is a significant part of digital marketing and PR in this era.

Influencer Marketing: Dos And Don’ts in 2020

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