Increasing Conversions Through Customer Engagement
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Increasing Conversions Through Customer Engagement

Digital marketing is a powerful opportunity for eCommerce businesses. Millions of people use social media every day — even multiple times a day. Also, almost anyone who wants to find a product will start their search online.

However, digital marketing strategies sometimes fall flat for eCommerce businesses of all sizes. Sometimes they aren’t able to gain traction at all, and other times they get a lot of followers but aren’t able to turn them into sales.

How can you increase conversions in your digital marketing? The best answer is customer engagement. What is customer engagement, and how do you use it to improve your bottom line? Here’s what you need to know.

What is Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement can be hard to define because it’s essentially a relationship between you and your prospects. Engagement is the interaction between you and your audience.

Perhaps you post on social media and a follower’s comments. That’s engagement! Perhaps someone signs up for your email list. That’s engagement as well. Any comment, share, or action they take to learn more from you or get a resource is engagement.

When you get these types of interactions, they help build up the trust between you and the customer or prospect. This trust is fundamental to a customer making a buying decision or referring a friend or relative to purchase from you. That’s why engagement is so important.

So what steps can you take to improve engagement and boost sales? Take a look at the following tips.

Know Your Customer Journey

Your prospects’ steps to learn about your business to buy from you are known as the customer journey. You must know exactly what these steps are so that you can optimize each marketing outreach and interaction.

For example, Dapper Apps is a mobile app development company. They have mapped out their user journey in five phases: Research, Comparison, Workshop, Quote, and Sign-Off.

If someone is getting to know your eCommerce business, you want to engage with them differently than if they’re close to purchasing. If you have a one-size-fits-all engagement strategy, your conversions will be far lower than if you tailor your interaction to the stage the customer is in.

Make Sure Your Brand Has Personality

Engagement only works if your brand is easy for prospects and customers to relate to. That means having a personality. Some brands do well by having a lot of sass, like Wendy’s Twitter account. Others share humor, focus on sharing helpful information, have passion for a cause, or mix the above.

Be sure your brand voice is represented on your digital marketing channels. Don’t just rely on text posts, either – use images and video to share behind-the-scenes stories, educational posts, and other relatable content.

When you’re sharing content with personality, your audience will be much more likely to engage. They will also learn to know, like, and trust you, which means they’ll be more likely to buy as well.

Have a Two-Way Conversation

One way to kill engagement is to not respond to what your followers say. You can’t have a one-way conversation where you talk, and others are expected to listen and follow you.

Instead, be relational in your approach. When people comment on your posts online, respond to those posts. When you get a review, thank them — or offer to resolve the issue if there was a concern.

When you have a two-way conversation, people will realize that your eCommerce business cares about its audience. That care will translate to more engagement, word-of-mouth advertising from fans, and more sales.

Would a two-way approach will be a major time challenge? Consider using a chatbot to answer common questions and provide immediate interaction even when you’re not online. Slush, an organization that holds entrepreneurs’ events, found that their chatbot handled 64% of customer support requests – a huge break for the service department!

Track Your Digital Marketing Metrics

Once you’re taking steps to improve your engagement, it’s important to measure the impact those steps are taking. Not every strategy works the same way for every company, so don’t be shy about pruning approaches that aren’t working and doubling down on those that are.

As you measure your metrics, you’ll be able to optimize your conversion rate. Conversion rate optimization involves taking steps to improve the number of people who take action on your calls to action.

Optimizing your conversion rates requires you to understand your audience’s behavior, provide an excellent user experience, and build up your trustworthiness in the eyes of consumers. As you do these things, you can expect people to act on your offers.

As you gather data on how people respond to your digital marketing, you’ll be able to harness that data to improve your overall eCommerce strategy. Don’t overlook the wealth of data available to you from your followers’ profiles and online activity.

Customer Engagement is a Powerful Sales Tool

Customer engagement is all about fostering interactions between your brand and your customers. This can happen through social media posts, email marketing, and even on-site marketing on your website.

Whether you invite people to engage in contests, comment with their opinions, share reactions to a video, or take other steps, you’re building a relationship between your brand and your audience. As you do, you’re building trust and authority.

As you do, be sure you’re measuring the results you’re getting. Perhaps something that works well for other eCommerce brands is a complete flop for you. Don’t let it bother you; change your approach and move on.

When you boost engagement and measure those results, you can optimize your conversion rates and improve your bottom line. Communication and connection are essential to driving sales for your business. Don’t wait – start engaging your audience today.

Increasing Conversions Through Customer Engagement

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