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Mobile Application Development Techniques to Increase App Engagement & Customer Retention

Mobile application development is a very competitive and fierce industry; with skilled developers, it is easier to develop and launch an application in the market, but the tricky part is the app engagement and customer or user retention.

The companies and the brands are spending enormous sums of money on mobile marketing applications and making people download the apps. The installation of mobile applications by users is merely a number to t. The real success lies in the name of active users and their engagements.

Therefore, the two essential metrics crucial for an app’s success are user engagement in mobile applications and user retention in the mobile application. These are the two factors that improve the revenue of the business.

What do engagement and retention mean in mobile application development?

The engagement metric is measured differently according to the applications’ category; many tools will provide insights about the app engagements. The statistics say that more than eleven sessions per month are a useful engagement. It depends on the nature of the mobile application.

Same as the engagement, the user retention metric is can be measured and varies accordingly to the applications. User retention is nothing but the number of users who return to apps after their first session. An excellent mobile application should have users returning to the app at least once a month.

Here are some critical methods and techniques to keep in mind while developing mobile applications to produce a good profit percentage.

Simple Signup Process

First impressions are the best impressions; this statement is entirely accurate when it comes to app development. Many developers and brands fail to acknowledge this simple step, which leaves a critical impression on the users. While developing a decrease in the number of steps required to log in and signup, make the application as less complicated as possible. When introducing the basic app gestures, do it subtly without annoying the user.


Promoting your application in the right way is essential to grab the users’ attention; push notifications are an excellent choice to amplify user retention. When consumers get personalized push notifications according to their taste and interests, they are more likely to click on them. The number of users increases from 19 to 25 percent upon integrating push notifications.

Discounts and Rewards

Providing discounts and a reward system is a great way to keep user engagement intact. If you are a clothing e-commerce site, then you can give discounts on a specific day; you can even personalize by providing discount coupons on the user’s birthdays. Similarly, depending upon the nature of the application, the incentivization can be made done.

Improvements and Updates

After developing and launching the applications, the job is not done; it is significant to monitor the app’s performance and get feedback from the current users. This way, the app should continuously go through improvements to make the user experience as smooth and secure as possible. Also, there should be in-app messages about any warnings, notifications, or updates.

Excellent Quality Application

Finally, it is essential to have a high-quality and high-speed application that enhances the user experience overall. Therefore, before launching the app, it is necessary to have a test and fix the bugs that will eventually slow down the application.

Therefore, to retain app users and create high engagement, it is essential to give attention to every small detail that makes the overall experience simple and efficient.

Author Bio:

Monish Sinthala is the CEO of leading mobile app developers in Chennai, Pyramidion Solutions. The company’s goal is to develop dynamic and efficient mobile applications in both android and IOS and have good industry experience and a skilled set of passionate developers. They are well-versed in current market trends and the latest technological tools to create well-rounded applications.

Increase App Engagement & Customer Retention

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