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Five practical tips to improve the conversions on e-commerce

If your company has e-commerce, you know that selling online is a great way to boost sales. However, to sell on the internet, it is not enough to hire a platform, set up the website, and register your products – which is already a lot of work.

For sure, you have faced or faced every day to win new customers and even sell again to those who have already bought. Commonly, you start to have difficulties in making as first sales. Even with a little more time, you can have this problem.

Here we outlined five strategies that you can use to improve the conversion on e-commerce:

Use chatbox

Chatbots are revolutionizing the way companies deal with their audiences. Being available to consumers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is now a reality for countless companies, thanks to bots.

Scheduled to perform numerous calls simultaneously, they drastically reduce the waiting time for an answer or solution to a simple problem – which usually represents most of the calls. This makes the relationship team solve exclusively more complex cases, which require human interaction and reduce costs.

For example, a mobile app development company can generate inquiries and leads as the chat is available 24/7.

Bots integrate one of the best strategies to generate leads and boost sales. And you know that a well-attended Lead becomes a customer and that a satisfied customer becomes a defender of the brand, disclosing it voluntarily and making new purchases.

Simplify the checkout process

Today’s consumer does more research before buying. So, you don’t like the idea of filling out long forms, nor waiting for the loading between one page and another. Therefore, it is your role to improve the accessibility of the cart.

In other words, adopt a transparent checkout, reducing the steps of the purchase. Ask only what is necessary for a safe conversion.

Use Remarketing

The remarketing strategy is essential for virtual retailers, as it also helps to reduce abandoned carts.

When identifying the people who visited the site, the tool starts to show several ads frequently. Thus, they are periodically invited to return to the page they left.

That is, the solution sought by the customer continues to be displayed while he surfs the internet or social networks. That way, when he’s ready to buy, he’ll remember you.

Create a Paid Shopping Campaign

It is ideal for those who want to promote their products and increase visits to your online store. It reaches the user who already knows what he wants to buy and compares prices to decide which store to buy it from.

Google Ads automatically generates the ads and displays them on popular searches and Google Shopping, based on the Google Merchant Center’s information. Therefore, it is imperative to keep the feed always updated and with all registered products.

The ads created within this campaign show the consumer a photo and the store’s price and name. Thus, visitors who arrive at e-commerce through a Google Shopping ad already know precisely what they will find in your online store, which increases the chances of them completing the purchase.

For this reason, the Google Shopping campaign generally offers a higher conversion rate and return than text ads. And this is not the only benefit: it facilitates campaigns’ management, as it automatically chooses keywords through product attributes.

Besides, it offers a broader presence on the internet as it allows more than one of your ads to be shown to the user. If you don’t want to display all of your catalogs, configure and choose only those you wish to serve.

Invest in high-quality content

Quality content in e-commerce is directly related to increasing conversions. And that goes beyond descriptions and images. Other textual and visual elements contribute to encouraging the customer not to abandon the cart.

These elements include evaluations and comments from other buyers. Think of yourself as a consumer: what value do you give to this resource? Does this increase the chances of you making a purchase? I imagine the answer was yes.

Therefore, it is essential to have a field for products to be evaluated and, even more, visible to anyone who enters the page.


Gabriela Damaceno is a journalist and head of online content for Media Shark, a mobile app development Gold Coast. She is representing HK Certifiers, a company that offers Construction Certificates services. You can connect with her via Linkedin.

Improving eCommerce Conversions

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