Improve Your Product Packaging Design With Custom Stickers

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Improve Your Product Packaging Design With Custom Stickers

Product packaging plays a critical role in influencing most consumer purchasing decisions. It’s estimated that 70% of purchase decisions are subconsciously based on a product’s package design. After all, it’s the first thing consumers see when coming across your brand. Hence, you’d want to create a lasting impression. 

Ideally, your product’s packaging should excite your customers and entice them to purchase. This means that aside from investing resources to develop high-quality products, paying attention to how they’re packed and sold in the market should be considered too.  

Although custom boxes or bags are commonly used in product packaging, there are other ways you can be creative and promote your brand. Custom stickers, for example, come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, rendering them cost-efficient marketing tools to boost your product packaging efforts. 

Adding Custom Stickers To Product Packaging Design  

Adding Custom Stickers To Product Packaging Design  
Adding Custom Stickers To Product Packaging Design

Custom stickers are a fun way to attract and get the attention of new and current customers. Aside from increasing branding engagement, they can also be effective in creating positive buzz about your products and spreading awareness about your business.  

You can be creative and explore different designs for your stickers, or you could also align them with your branding and use your logo. You can work with graphic designers or a logo sticker company to help you design custom stickers for your products and business. 

Furthermore, there are other ways custom stickers can help improve your product packaging design: 

They Make Your Products Stand Out 

In the competitive landscape of commercial or retail businesses, your products need to be remarkable, and custom stickers can help you with this. Instead of coming in plain or generic packaging, stickers can add a pop of color to the product packaging. This can go a long way in allowing you to stand out in the sea full of similar items. 

For example, suppose you’re selling skin care products. Instead of shipping the products in ordinary bottles, pouches, or boxes, you can use stickers to label your products and elevate their overall presentation. A good tip to note is to choose colors carefully. Opt for contrasting colors to make a strong statement, whether you’re working with a dark or light-colored packaging material. 

They Can Be Used As Seals 

Custom stickers and labels can be used as seals, replacing tape. Apart from serving as a security feature for your products, custom stickers can give your package an elegant look and improve the overall aesthetics and presentation of your product packaging. For instance, instead of packaging your products in brown boxes or branded paper bags, spruce them up by adding custom stickers to seal them. 

On the other hand, you can also wrap products such as bags and clothes in tissue paper and seal them with custom stickers featuring your logo or slogans. This extra touch can be a way to add a surprise element to your packaging design. Essentially, minor details like this can be all it takes to make your packaging more sophisticated, improving brand awareness and recognition. Moreover, consumers are also likely to appreciate creative efforts like this. 

They Elevate Customer Experience 

With time, even the most impressive packages become familiar and stop resonating well with your consumers. Keeping your product packaging interesting is essential to avoid such a scenario and keep your customers engaged and interested. However, overhauling your product design every few months can be counterproductive and impractical. This is where custom stickers come in. 

Custom stickers can provide your business with a quick solution, especially in cases wherein you need to redesign and innovate how you package and present your products. In addition, they can allow you to present clients with a new look, keeping them excited and interested in your products. What’s more? You only need to get a few stickers that you effortlessly stick on your target items. 

In addition, you can include freebies and custom stickers of your logo or slogans inside the packaging box or bag. Then, your customers can use and stick them to their belongings like tumblers, notebooks, and phones or tablets, to name a few. This can be a creative way to leave a lasting impression and create a memorable customer experience, compared to having ordinary packaging. 

Final Words 

Custom stickers can play a vital role in your product’s packaging and overall branding campaigns, giving you an edge over competitors. For one, they can offer a creative and fun presentation for your products, which can go a long way in attracting customer attention. 

If you’re looking to improve your business’s product packaging design, consider enlisting the help of graphic designers and sticker printing companies. They can best help you create custom stickers that align with your brand.