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Improve Your Corporate Image With Charitable Giving

Improve Your Corporate Image With Charitable Giving and Community Involvement

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year, even for corporations. However, if your company is a scrooge of a business, it’s sure to end up on the naughty list. The holidays epitomizes generosity, encouraging many people to give their time and resources to others.

Improve Your Corporate Image With Charitable Giving

There’s really no other season that seems to bring forth this altruism in people. The same can be true for companies. Instead of only giving back during the holidays, though, corporations can reap great rewards by incorporating philanthropy into their business plans throughout the year.

By helping your community and the world at large, you are ultimately helping your company too. Here’s what you need to know to prepare for holiday success and beyond through giving.

Why Companies Should Give

There are many benefits to implementing more corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices into your company’s workflow. The best place to focus your philanthropic efforts first is within your own community. You know your community’s problems and needs the most and how your company can be of service.

If you need a little help in finding out, check in with some of your local organizations to see where your contributions can be best put to use. No matter what you decide to do, the people in your community will benefit. Whether it’s through improving the environment or donating to institutions such as schools or hospitals, the area your business is located in will thrive in one way or another.

When people see your company supporting the community and people in need, they will in turn support you. Potential customers will see that your business has their interests at heart as well and will more likely tell others about the good you do. The benefits don’t stop there, though.

Not only will customers be more pumped about your company, but your employees will be too. Employees see their place of work in a new light when they know they’re working for an organization that gives back. This boosts overall morale and motivates workers to do their best. Happy employees are productive employees.

How Companies Can Give

If you’re stuck on figuring out what your business should do to give back, look no further. There are many ways that your company’s resources can be used for a good cause, and some may be better fits than others. Depending on what your corporation specializes in, you can choose different organizations you would like to help and offer your services or products for free or at a reduced rate for members of those organizations.


You can get your whole company involved by dedicating a set amount of time for everyone to volunteer together as well. There’s no team-building activity more effective than doing something good for someone else. Partnering with these volunteer organizations and other worthy causes is also an effective marketing strategy you can look into.

By working on a product or service that will aid or promote awareness of your chosen cause, you will show people that your company is truly making an effort to making a difference. You can also encourage your employees to bring in clothing and items they no longer need to be donated to local charities. Financial donations are always an option as well. Just keep in mind that charitable giving will be affected by the recent tax bill.

Forming a Cause-Related Marketing Plan

If you want others to know that you’ve adopted CSR goals while also promoting the cause you want to help, your business needs to form a cause-related marketing plan. Cause-related marketing is a blend of promoting both the interests of for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations. For your strategy to be most effective, choose a cause to partner with that is related to your field of business.

This will not only make sense to customers, but you’ll also be a greater help to the cause you’re supporting. If you’re in the food industry, you will have the connections and resources to aid an organization addressing childhood hunger far more so than a shoe company would. It’s also a good idea to mix your giving with financial donations as well as volunteer efforts.

Although money is always needed and appreciated by nonprofits, taking the time to physically show up at a place and put in the work is much more personal and memorable. Lastly, for your cause-related marketing plan to have the biggest punch, your giving needs to be a core part of your company. When your social and financial goals shape and influence each other, the day-to-day running of your business will automatically be giving back to the community and world.

Although the holidays are usually characterized as the time of generosity, your company doesn’t need to stop there. Your business can support worthwhile causes all year round and receive the same benefits. Once you decide how to give, all you need to do is find a cause that your corporation can further and help. The time is now to give back and make a change.

Improve Your Corporate Image With Charitable Giving

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