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Improve Sale Conversions with these 5 Strategies

Your website is the easiest way to improve your sales conversions. And if your conversions are at an all-time low, it’s often the first place you should look.

Even if you are getting loads of traffic to your website, your conversion rates could be falling your business, and there is no one-size-fits-all method to make radical changes.

It’s not easy to improve your conversion rates, but those who do find the sweet spot can welcome in the new sales, meaning new revenue.

If your sales conversions aren’t what you want, here are five easy-to-adopt strategies to boost your business.

1. Get social

If you are failing to utilize social media to your advantage, you are failing to improve your sales. Social media is a perfect platform for helping to improve sales conversions. Why? Because your audience is likely to check up on your business via your social accounts and each account provides an opportunity to engage with your audience, build trust and establish a brand personality. If your potential buyers are having doubts and your social presence isn’t up to scratch, say goodbye to a conversion.

The first step is to pick the right channels for you – this differs for every business. Whichever channel you choose, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or another, make sure the channel is accessible on your website and consistent across all platforms. If you are generating good content on your social pages, you will be able to sell and generate better converting leads. Cut through the noise by using video and images. Good visuals will help with your sales conversions and engagement.

If you aren’t convinced by social, think about the 32% increase in sales those who have a social presence have over those who don’t…

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2. Develop for mobile

If you aren’t cashing in on the potential of mobile devices, you should immediately rethink your strategy. Most of your customers are using their mobile devices to make purchases, so if your sales experience is slow, clunky, unformatted and so on, you’ll get high bounce rates and poor conversions.

If your site doesn’t perform well on mobile devices, you should immediately put some time and effort into redesigning your content specifically for mobile.

But where to start? Firstly, make sure your website is responsive. Every piece of content and text should be clean, readable and clear. Secondly, make sure your images scale to mobile devices. Create mobile-friendly images that are typically more square (rather than horizontal and wide). Thirdly, your mobile nav and layout need to work on a mobile easily, especially if you have a lot of pages and product categories.

You can’t expect good conversions if it’s incredibly difficult for your prospects to actually get through to the sales page. Lastly, ensure your checkout and cart pages are fully responsive. If it’s hard for your prospects to actually pay, you will be killing your conversions.

With around 11 billion mobile devices in circulation by 2019, and with the number of sales made on mobile devices having increased by 65% between 2015 and 2016, mobile should be considered as a clear conversion boosting strategy.

3. Deliver great CX with live chat

With so many eCommerce stores battling for space, a good strategy to boost your sales conversions is to do something few competitors are doing. Going above and beyond is a good way to nudge more prospects to make a purchase. That’s where live chat can help.

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You can provide help and answers to your website visitors via live chat, enhancing the customer experience and providing you with the opportunity to increase conversions. Giving actual answers to your visitors means you can offer personalized help (which every customer loves) to try and encourage customers to buy. It also means you can quickly provide relevant information to time-pressed buyers. Otherwise, visitors are likely to simply give up and click off your website.

The good news about live chat is there are so many options readily available, with most manageable via your mobile phone. Think of it as WhatsApp messenger but with your actual customers – and you can automate some messages to instigate the conversations. Options include Drift, Facebook Messenger, Mobile Monkey and Chatfuel.

Why does it work? Live chat can increase your sales conversions for a number of reasons: Improved customer experience, real-time marketing, instant sales assistance, and a more personalized sales experience. Just remember, you need to actually be responsive to messages generated through your website.

4. Offer access to a POS

If your customers are made to wait, they will not convert. The good job is, they never have to. This is thanks to point of sale (POS) technology, which means customer waiting times can be negated both in a physical store and online. A POS credit card reader, like Shopify’s card reader, means you can sell anywhere, on any device, in any location. Essentially, it gives you total control to generate more revenue and grow. A POS card reader helps you bridge the gap between your online store and offline sales.

The POS reader is manageable through a mobile phone, meaning you can take payments quickly without the need for additional systems. Simply put, providing access to a POS reader means you can take payments on all major cards (including contactless) at lightspeed – easy.

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5. Don’t fall off the fast lane

The fifth and final conversion boosting strategy is a no-brainer. In the online world, speed rules, and rightly so. Nobody wants to wait for ages for web pages to load. Your potential buyers are time-restricted. However, the benefits of having a quick website are vast.

Your audience customer experience will be much improved if you speed up your site. This will help reduce dreaded bounce rates, which are contributed to directly from slow loading pages. You’ll also find your abandon cart rates are high if your checkout and cart pages are slow. The result of which is a decrease in sales and profitability.

However, your prospects aren’t the only ones hating you if your pages are slow. Google and co will too. If you can stick to the fast lane and optimize your website for speed, Google will love you and you’ll rank better. It’s a win-win. Use GTmetrix to check your site speed.


There are plenty of strategies to improve your sales conversions, but these five are a good place to start. If you want to improve conversions and deliver the results you need to grow, begin testing with these strategies and you’ll quickly find sales improve.


Michelle Deery is a content writer that works with Heroic Search, an SEO company based in Tulsa. She specializes in content marketing and produces educational and informative copy that helps eCommerce stores increase their revenue.

Improve Sale Conversions with these 5 Strategies

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