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To operate successfully in this mobile world of today, WordPress marks as an increasingly important part in people’s lives because of its ability to transform the working of big and small businesses. WordPress has gained grounds because of its efficiency and popularity and an endless number of companies are deploying WordPress to their custom website development.

For beginners, working with WordPress is not as easy as it sounds. The best way is to learn the best practices to follow mentioned below:

  1. Sidebar must be inclusive

Your sidebar must not be like your closet from which stuff starts falling out. People often stuff sidebars with ads, social media icons, links to most recent tweets, Facebook photos, etc. Amongst all this information is a link you want your visitor to click on which is lost in the clutter. The solution is to simply place only essentials to the sidebar and remove everything else.

  1. Easily accessible media library

Your media library files in WordPress must be found easily. A key idea is to create a separate folder and place all your media files there so that it becomes easier to search. This way whenever you enter the keyword, you will find the file in a matter of seconds.

  1. Clean permalinks

When you have worked super hard on making your content search engine optimized, you want all the search engines to find it easily. Make it easy for them to find you by using short signs to the main information. For this, you will have to get your hands on SEO copywriting. WordPress features built-in permalink to let you edit the page before you publish them. Remove uninteresting and long words and deploy keywords intelligently in the description.

  1. Targeted titles & description

When you share a new post on any of the digital medium, the platforms pick up a title and description suitable to go with your link. And this is the title and description that is showed to people to decide if they should click on your link or not. Make your title and description SEO-optimized so that your link becomes attractive for the visitor.

  1. Include images

Images and videos add interest to your pages and also helps you rank higher on the search engine. These images can also be optimized by adding a keyword to the title and alternate text fields each time an image is uploaded. When a user hovers over the image, the title will be seen. The alternate field texts come in handy when the image becomes unavailable for some reason, the alternative text will be shown to people in place of your image.

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