Importance of Social Media in eCommerce

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How many times has it happened that you looked at a dress on Instagram and fell in love with it? Your action of clicking on the clink and going to the respective e-commerce site is immediate. It is the power of social media when it comes to e-commerce.

Social media and e-commerce are a powerful combination, and it is not only about promoting your e-commerce brand. It is about creating a community. Through social media, you can talk and listen to the customers, their grievances, and mold your product to suit their needs. It is just one advantage of having a social media presence for your brand. Let’s look at more below.

1. It helps you create a brand image

In the world of Amazon and Flipkart, you need a brand image if you want your e-commerce platform to survive. Even these two big e-commerce giants are on social media to enhance their appearance.
With social media, you can change how people perceive you. If there is some rumor going on about your brand, use this platform to set it straight.

Moreover, using USG and positive customer testimonials, you can have a concrete image for your business.

2. People love to browse need products on social need

Another importance of having a social media presence for your e-commerce brand is the customer. Look at these statistics:

  • 95% of adults follow a brand on social media.
  • 30% of users on Facebook use it to browse new products.
  • 55% of people purchase a product online after seeing it on Social media.
  • These statistics show that customers see social media as an integral part of their decision-making cycle. So, if you want your eCommerce business to flourish, be on at least two-three platforms.

3. It helps drive people to your website

It won’t come as a shock that social media drives tons of traffic to your e-commerce website. It is a great place to get genuine leads and conversions. Some tips for the same:

Show quality and appealing images of your product. Make sure you use a tool like Canva to edit and add a filter to the images. Also, it has templates with standard sizes for all social media channels; use that for consistency.

Work with influencers to get more exposure to your brand. No matter how big or small your business is, working with influencers can also give your business a much-needed boost.
Make sure to add the current link or the link to the product you are campaigning right now for better leads.

Don’t forget to add a CTA in your post’s caption.

4. It helps with SEO

We talked above, and social media presence brings more traffic to your website. It happens because it gives more visibility to your brand, and the main function of SEO is to get high organic traffic for your site. Also, SEO aims to boost your ranking on Google, and if you have high traffic and zero bounce rate, getting the top ranking is not that difficult.

The social media profiles help your brand get more visibility and aka top rankings.

Social media ensures that your content reaches tons of people. Even though SEO uses keywords for this, a person will only see your content when they search for it.
On social media, a customer can see your content even when they weren’t trying to, giving it more visibility.

5. It helps tell you a story

On an e-commerce platform, there are tons of products and sections. Not everyone is going to go through all of them as no one has that kind of time or patience these days. But with social media, you can highlight specific products with amazing images and captions. It is like telling a story that appeals more to people.

6. It enhances your customer care services

A lot of businesses are using social media for their customer care services. It provides them an opportunity to immediately revert to customer’s grievances, queries, or problems. Even customers like having a conversation with them in real-time instead of waiting for hours or days to get a reply.

Social media marketing is not a choice anymore. It is a necessity that you need to be a part of if you want a community, engagement, and to provide better customer services to your customers.

Importance of Social Media in eCommerce

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