Importance of Chatbots to eCommerce

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The first online transaction happened in 1994. Since then, eCommerce has shown steady growth, and in 2020 it is expected to generate $4.1 trillion in sales. Now, that is an impressive number.

That also shows how competitive the market has become. Anyone who owns an eCommerce business needs to be on the lookout for the newest trends in innovation. You do not want to be behind the curve in such a fast-paced environment. 

In this article, you can learn more about the importance of using chatbots and how it can benefit your business. 

What Are Chatbots Exactly?

Let us begin by saying that chatbots improve customer experience. As many company owners already know, customer service can make or break your business. One of the characteristics of eCommerce is the ability to do the shopping with as little trouble as possible. Any issue that requires a customer to reach out to the helpdesk and engage in a conversation can lead to frustration and lost sales. That is where chatbots come into play. 

Chatbots allow customers to communicate via messaging service to get their answers way faster, without being forced to have a one-on-one call that usually involves many transferred calls and background music. According to Forbes, chatbots can also promote products or target marketing campaigns to provoke customers’ interests.

How Can They Improve My eCommerce Business?

One of the reasons this innovation carries a bit more weight in the eCommerce world is that it is based on artificial intelligence, one of the most critical eCommerce trends in 2020. The rise of AI is imminent, and the areas where your business can benefit are cost reduction, as well as increased production, and improved processes. But, let’s go into more detail. 

What Do My Customers Get?

Imagine that you have switched from the helpdesk to an AI chatbot. What are some changes that your customers can expect? Well, first of all, they will be able to get answers to their questions almost immediately, 24/7, 365 days a year. 

In addition to around-the-clock service, they will be able to use predefined questions. That means they will get answers to their questions faster and with less effort. Of course, depending on the chatbot you choose to use, they will also generate custom messages and engage in more complex conversations.  

Since most customers choose to do everything online due to the simplicity and the availability of services, chatbots will only improve customer experience. 

How Will My Ecommerce Business Benefit From Chatbots?

Implementing chatbots does not necessarily mean that you have to cut staff. Employees who manage customer calls can further improve chatbots, humanize them, and analyze the collected data. One of the most significant benefits is the data gathered in addition to happier customers and faster processes. You can learn about your customers’ shopping habits, predict their behavior, and adjust your marketing campaigns accordingly. 

Once you have your chatbots up and running, you can further improve them by enabling them to answer a wider variety of questions. You can also add some new features. Chatbots can help streamline the payment process and even make purchase suggestions. When it comes to AI, there are no limits, and you should take full advantage of that. 

Importance of Chatbots to eCommerce

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