Importance of App Development 2021

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The digital world has evolved a lot, and mobile has played a vital role in it. Here are some facts that will help you justify that mobile has become the new digital hub and the pool to the physical world. The upcoming year will also witness some of the noteworthy application trends.

By 2021, there will be 3.8 billion smartphone users worldwide – In 2019, the number of annual app downloads was 204 billion. –

The statistics reveal how important it is for mobile app development companies to create meaningful apps. In this post, we will discuss some of the most important smartphone app development trends in 2021.

Mobile Apps Will Be Leveraging Beacons More

Beacons have proven their value around the world as they have become recent happening devices. It is predicted that the upcoming year will be leveraging the beacon-oriented application more than ever. Now, we have seen that beacon-based mobile applications are dominating the market as it offers seamless integration.

One of the significant advantages of the beacon is that it has location-based capabilities. With that, they can continuously keep working as indoor positioning systems with their Bluetooth signals. Moreover, mobile app development companies can leverage beacons to offer personalized customer service, increase business, and offer customer satisfaction.

Ar/Vr’s Reach Will Expand Ahead Of Gaming

In the last few years, we have witnessed the evolution of AR/VR in the gaming industry. There are tons of games that are entirely based on these technologies and have successfully gained popularity. AR/VR technology has given us games such as Pokemon Go!, iOnRoad, Sky Edge, and many more to name. These are excellent examples of the technology.

In 2021, we may see that AR/VR is going ahead of the gaming industry. There will probably be newer segments that will notice the potentials of these fantastic innovations. You might be able to witness concerts, sports events at home comfortably.

IoT Will Be The Biggest Market

We all have witnessed the revolutionizing digitization of IoT across the world. However, post-Covid-19, the scene of IoT has changed a lot. The demand for IoT-based services has increased drastically with the home regime’s work for IT services at home. It is predicted that the IoT devices are supposed to carry a plethora of weightage in the next year.

Some of the industries like healthcare may witness the exponential growth in the usage of IoT devices as the demand for telehealth service will be on a higher side. It will be straightforward for healthcare professionals to visit patients online and connect with their medical history with relevant healthcare IoT gadgets.

The Era Of Edge Computing Is About To Come

The IoT will not rise solely. As the number of devices is getting connected with the world wide web, the popularity of Edge Computing will also increase. The cloud cannot manage such bulk data. So, instead of storing data in the cloud, mobile app development companies will be using edge computing processes.

The edge devices could be the origin point. Devices like sensor-based gadgets, mobile, edge routers, and many more to name can be the point of origin.

Artificial Intelligence Gets Actual With Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic. The technologies connected to AI, such as machine learning, chatbots, advanced analytics, deep learning, etc., are making a substantial positive impact among the industry segments. One of the prime innovations related to AI is chatbots, and it is expected to see an upsurge in the next year.

Chatbots can provide a real-time interactive experience to users. They can solve the queries immediately and correctly. We all have witnessed the early examples of chatbots in the forms of Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.

The Importance Of 5G Will Increase With AI, AR, And VR

The network capacity will also increase with AI, AR, and VR. the 5G technology is 100X swifter than 4G. It will have a more substantial influence in the next year, majorly for demanding and complex technologies.

Smartphone app development companies will also leverage 5G as it becomes faster, stable, and cheaper. The increase in the number of 5G connectivity users will also ensure that that there is an improved experience of demanding content such as quality videos, massive AR/VR shows, 3D objects, etc.

Utilization Of Instant Mobile Application Will Be Increasing.

It is good news for mobile app development companies as instant mobile applications will be increased. The instant mobile applications let users use parts of native apps without installation. The benefit of instant mobile apps is that it does not occupy the storage on the device.

Users can use native apps while demonstrating applications as it lets you acquire an experience of apps before the installation process.

Enterprise Mobile Application Will Be The Demanding Factor

All mobile applications have evolved in the past decade, and enterprise mobile application is no exception. In the upcoming year, the demand for mobile enterprise applications will be higher than ever. The demand for a mobile application that fulfills the enterprise’s requirements, such as streamlining and handling complicated business processes, will be there.

More Focus On Security Of Mobile Apps

We have enough amount of news regarding data hacking, malicious attacks, cyber threats, etc. As mobile applications’ demand and usage increase, it is vital to give sufficient weightage to the security aspect.

In 2021, we will be seeing mobile app development companies focusing more on data security applications. The primary focus of smartphone app development companies will be on VPN, antivirus software, mobile device management, etc.

Wrapping up

In all, if you look closely, you will notice that mobile applications are exponentially integrated with our day-to-day lives. Thus, they are also technically upsurging our life. We cannot deny that mobile applications have become an integral part of our lives – professionally and personally.

Mobile app development companies are finding newer ways to develop and design niche solutions for many industry segments by creating more result-oriented applications.

Importance of App Development 2021